Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Do you know what mei-mei is doing in her worksheets now? Almost K2 syllables. Gasp! Makes me feel like I have two P1 children at home.

And amazing thing is (feedback from KZ who usually help me with the worksheets and homeworks) is that she understands the concepts after explaining to her. But certain things she don't need explanation she's able to do it. She loves to do homeworks (such a darling - but of course sometimes she wouldn't do it. At least both my children are a little disciplined to do their work. Good training!)

I read in the newspaper advert the other day about a boy who had been in Shichida for 7 years is in GEP. His other coursemates are also in GEP. Is it true? Will that make my mei-mei in the GEP next time? Hmm......I don't know. Of course this mummy would want my children to be in GEP but if they don't qualify there's nothing I can do about it. Of course being in GEP doesn't mean the person will earn big bucks in the future.

Today, she surprised me with her colouring. She can't be compared to one of her Shichida classmate who can write his name neatly; can colour like a 5 year old but by her standard - she was giving me rubbish colouring a week ago and this time round she did so well.
KZ gave her some worksheets (given by me) to do and she did the patterning and sorting all by herself. Oh! She loves to use the scissors (though must say the way she holds her scissors is like trying to cut herself) and glue (big blop). She said loudly "I want to show mummy..." and ran to show it to me. She then waited for daddy to come home while in her cot & holding on to the papers. When she heard him opening the gate quite late, she shouted "show daddy work!" she allowed me to safekeep the papers for her after that.

KZ taught her subtraction too! And she related to me how the subtraction session became a fighting session.
Eg. 7 - 2 = 5. Gave her 7 bear counters, KZ showed her by taking away 2; mei-mei snatched back and fought with her. This went on for a few equations. Haha!

She can do her addition. So proud!


The Chengs said...

Oh, I saw that advertisement too. So tempting, huh? But I doubt I'd ever go the route of Shichida.

Lily Ann said...

One thing about this method is you can't rely on a once a week class. Alot of home practise, alot of preparation time required etc..
But really it works!
GEP sounds tempting to me coz' I hope my children can do what I can't accomplish. But of course ultimately it's their ability not mine. If can't qualify, then be it.