Monday, September 14, 2009


I finally took my kids to the Chinese physician where alot of mummies bring their children to. Since this clinic is so close to their school I don't have anymore excuse this year.

The kids were told that they are going to see a doctor. Mei-mei kept saying "I go and see Dokter Lee." "No mei-mei we're not going to see Dr Lee today. Mummy bring you to see another doctor okay?" "No, I want to see Dokter Lee. Che-che was excited over the possibility of going gai-gai and not doing any work at home.

I was told that the children are rather sensitive. They need to avoid egg whites, prawns, crabs, birdnest. Ai yah! They don't eat any seafood except fish. Che-che loves birdnest with pao-shen. But egg white? That's what they both love and not forgetting I'm probably the culprit for making them worse/triggering their sensitivity with all my bakes. Shucks!

My lil' girl weighs only 10kg. ??Don't seem to put on weight though she grew a little taller. I know, I know she's perfectly normal and very cheerful and I shouldn't worry... but I dowan her to be so small size. MOH will definitely insist I bring her to the specialist for checks if she remains this small size in Primary School.

After the consultation, the children were given VVIP Spa treatment - tuina. Che-che was so happy kept telling me she wanted to go massage when we were waiting for our turn; in consultation room and I had no idea if all children will go through tuina.
They were directed to opposite sides of the room, I asked che-che to be alone while I stayed with mei-mei.
Mei-mei looked at the lady with suspicious eyes as she held her hand; she pull back; tell her to give aunty her hand; she gave and frowned at her (hee!); she massaged; she look at her own hand; look at aunty; look at hand; tried to move hand away. When she had to lie on her back, she did it on her own but was slanting so I tried to move her straight, she thought she didn't have to lie down and sat up. Asked her to lie down again, she did and she was smiling when the lady put ru-yi oil on her tummy. She loves that! Then she laid on her front, I was trying to push her down coz' she had her elbows on the bed in kneeling position and jutting out her lil' backside. Haha! Then mei-mei started asking for a sweet. Lady promised she'll give it to her after the massage. Lil' girl kept asking and asking, lady said she's very lor-soh. Hahaha! That's my girl.
As for che-che, she was enjoying herself leh! That girl knows how to enjoy life. Was reading a book when the lady massaged her. On the whole, my children did well. Well done!

It's a good thing we didn't have to wait as the medicines are ready for collection the moment you finish the tuina. Mei-mei as usual is so chatty and friendly, saying hello to everyone there. One lady commented "she must be very happy with the treatment that she's so happy now." "Well, she's happy all the time. She's one happy kid!" Then when it's time to go, she bade goodbye to everyone. Yup! That's my Miss Universe practicing her wave.

As we left the place, che-che told me she wants to go back there again. Honestly I don't mind provided I bring them there straight after school. Also, I prefer TCM as opposed to western GPs. No more ventolins! No more antibiotics!

Thinking, perhaps I should try to sign up for a tuina class - can do that with my kids everyday.

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