Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lazy lazy

Getting so lazy to update my blog, been rather busy with ...? what? A little on baking and KIDS!!

*backtracking a little* Did some cookies for home, che-che wanted some cookies to munch. I did a massive 2 portioned for my single plate -one at a time- bake. Took me so many hours. Packed some for che-che's FT (in a different shown in this pic. I was short of one more of that nice container so ended up buying 2 of these containers for mei-mei's teacher) and mei-mei's teacher in time for their Hari Raya. Ah... I don't do this all the time. So happened that my girl wanted some cookies at that time.
Concentrating alot on che-che coz' kan-cheong mother is sitting for her exams soon! Poor mei-mei... but really thanks alot to KZ for helping out with her homeworks. Mei-mei has been doing alot of leisure colouring, after that marvellous job she did for me (I was so happy that I gave her a stamp on her Shichida work - hee!)
KZ feedback to me that when she asked her to colour a particular leaf on the tree, mei-mei was able to correct her "It's tail, not leaf". See if you can spot which one I'm talking about.
She coloured until she complaint. Hahaha! "Huh? I colour so many oredi.. one hundred so tired.." Cute remarks from her. And all she did was 2 colouring papers. ?!?!

Received a note from school late last week, curtailment of school hours for PSLE. Argh! For 4 days, 7th to 9th and 12th October she will be in afternoon session!! Ideas swirl in my small brain, change mei-mei to afternoon temporary; or resume the stupid must drive down 3 times manner so that I can concentrate on one child at a time when the other is in school; or declare holiday for mei-mei. Very troublesome! Then gotta change her Berries class to weekend, think about that Wednesday when I'm going to rush (really!) from her school to Yamaha in Tampines and try to park the car at that time. I probably will have to sacrifice my time to go to school to park in a nice spot (under the hot weather) so that I can pick her up the moment I'm at the gate and leave asap, zooming down. Wish I can take hubby's car that time.

Early this week, I suddenly remembered Children's Day. Quickly printed out the labels, bought the sweets and packed the things in the car while waiting to pick che-che. There was a newspaper article on what people read in the train, there should be an article on things people do in the car. Interview me!!!!! I cut; I fold and staple books; I glue; I go through childrens' schoolwork or my homework (my red pen in my bag is indispensible); I translate Japanese to make them into flashcards; I eat (esp on Thursdays); when I'm really tired... I sleep; and now I pack the small treat bags. Interesting isn't it? Anyway time is of an essence to me so I need to grab every minute.

Embarked on my Mooncake Jelly -next blog entry.

30th Sept (Wednesday)
Che-che's Lower Primary Sports Day. After I dropped mei-mei in school I went over. Decided not to drop mei-mei in school first (as always the case if I need to be in che-che's school) coz' traffic gets really horrible when everyone is dropping off their children close to assembly time.

Seems like I was the only parent coming from her class. K is not there, surprising. She's probably busy otherwise she does make her appearance in school very often.

I am there to support my girl. She wanted to win a trophy but their team won 6th prize, got some other small little gifts for the other teams. She's sad but I had to counsel her. Then that girl turned her target to me, "then why you didn't take part when they ask for parent to go and run? You still can win something." 说来说去 she wanted more things, can see her great displeasure when she saw that mei-mei received more things from her school. Complaint that she didn't get anything and "Not Fair!!"
After I picked her up from school, I realised there was a concert for the children by the teachers. No wonder I think I heard her FT asked if I was staying back for the concert. I thought she was referring to the year-end concert and even told her "yah..I'm volunteering.."

Alot of shots of my girl. And when it came to her race part...... ah doh! I was handling both video camera and camera. And that point when she was running, I didn't even know my camera was tilted down slightly. To think that I ran to a nice spot to take photos of her event!!
so nice hor?? Bro saw it laughed and said "wah.........memorable first Sports Day."
The gifts they received
Mrs Tan, the Principal, was so sporting and fun. She ran and showed to the parents what their race is about. Everyone applaused for her.

I stayed on since it was already recess time. Girl came to look for me, she spotted me I couldn't find her (all the girls looked the same to me). Her classmates saw me, some of them came up to thank me for the gift. Really small lah, considering it was last minute work can't shop. I got a few of her classmates' names and ..........I swear I forgot some of their names now. Cham liao.... my brain's degenerating liao!

Che-che had to take this pic of me when S sat on my lap and mischievously leaned back. Looks like I'm BF S like that!

Okay, another mad day for me tomorrow (or rather today). No school for the children, mei-mei has her Shichida and it's time to polish up che-che's Chinese oral.

30th evening
By now I'm so tired, feel dirty coz' I've been out the whole day! Except the time when I reached home at 2.05pm and left at 2.35pm (had lunch and packed the remaining mooncakes. No time to take 2nd shower)

Evening KZ called me at 6+ to tell me house moving, told her it must be earthquake in Indonesia. She's worried coz' this time round mei-mei is in the house (diaper-less) with her. So what was I doing at 6.15pm. I don't remembering feeling it in Tampines Mall??? If the whole building collapsed, I'll be found with papers next to me. I was going through che-che's homeworks at that time

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