Sunday, September 6, 2009


S, che-che's best friend (as what she claims), have invited che-che over to her house twice this week. Rather persistent girl I should say.

The first time was on Wednesday. Girl came into the car and told me about it. I explained to her that we had to decline her kind offer but she can't go over as she has her music lesson later in the evening. "How about Friday?" Che-che seems excited about going over to her friend's house, I don't feel excited. Well, for the fact that I haven't heard anything from her mummy and had a hunch that it was an invitation from HER!!
With that in mind and explaining to che-che that S's mummy must be aware of it + she completes her work before I can agree. Her reply was "her mother say can", still I dunno if I can trust her. (ehh.... so bad of me to judge her right?)

And ................. the call went unanswered?!?!?!? She forgot about it? Prior to making the phonecall to her home, we dialled one number which leads us to her grandmother. (she gave us her grandmother's number when she's not even staying there?) Grandma startled me by asking me one question, (it did seem rude at first until she explains herself) "Is your girl the hardworking kind?" Sound very 看不起人 kind? "The reason why I asked you is because I notice my S is too playful not taking her work seriously. So if your girl is the hardworking kind she can influence my grandchild." Eh? I should be worrying if she'll influence my girl the wrong way!! The girl has been sent to Principal's office + detention (and she's only P1)
From what I learn from grandma is that she writes in streaks and she doesn't pay attention to her schoolwork. Only recently grandma bought her some assessment books. Abit too late already right?

I worry my girl will turn bad... but really S is a smart girl (from the way she talks), very confident girl too! I can't be telling my girl not to mix with her coz' it will give her the wrong message. So I am caught in between.. the values I instill in her and the risk of her turning bad. Argh! I never knew I had to face this sooner - when my girl is only in P1. But girl declare "she's my best friend".

Thursday, che-che told me she was helping S with her Math work. "I teach S Maths because she dunno her work and she asked me for my help." Of course I'm pleased that my girl is so helpful, then I questioned her. "You taught S Maths or you answered the questions for her? Please don't do work for your friends coz' they may bite you back instead. And if you do it once, she'll ask you to do another time" " I teach her." Ehh............ P1 can teach another P1 meh? I think it was more like she did the work for her. Then I began to worry, since that S is so smart she might be making use of my girl. And since that girl has mood swings, I wouldn't be surprised if she'll friend my girl one day and don't friend the next day. Or when S ignores her after realising that she can't make use of che-che... I dunno if che-che will feel sad and hurt. I'm too protective over my girl hor?
Then she asked if she can go over tomorrow. S invited two more girls from her Chinese class, (Che-che is in a different Chinese class from them) one of whom is their classmate. "Can mummy... can I go?" Very apprehensive and I don't seem to trust that girl's words now. Her mother may not even know about the invite. And call me old-fashion, I still need the invite from the mummy (not that I'm a VIP). Then somehow she blurt it out "S cannot sew, she asked me over to her house to help her."
You see my point?!?! I explained that I needed clarification from the other girl's mummy about the invite. That mummy said it was a handwritten note in her girl's bag. And she's surprised that her girl's been invited coz' S had been hitting her in class. She didn't seem to trust that girl's words too. I didn't call S's mummy to clarify with her coz my hunch told me 99.9% it's an invite known to her only. Perhaps you might be wondering why I'm too cautious, coz' I don't like to stand infront of someone's doorstep without a proper invitation. Also, it reminded me of what K (a parent volunteer) told me about a girl who's always lying in her daughter's P3 class.

Friday - long day in school today. Che-che called me at 1.50pm and asked if she can go over to S's place. I could hear S in the background prompting her. Persistent! Too lonely!
When I picked her up che-che didn't seem sad as I lied to her that I needed to call S's mummy and there's no way I could reach her since I didn't have her number. "How about Saturday?" Oi! Ah girl ah..............can't you tell your mother is trying to avoid all these??
Then I sat down and spoke to her, if she needs to go over to S's place; I will go over. She went "huh..." " what do you mean by huh? What if
no one supervises you when both of you are at play? And you know she's been asking you to go to her pool,what happens if out of mischief she pushes you into the pool? If you want to go, I'll be there too! If not, don't go." I can't really trust that my girl is in safe's hands until I see it for myself.Who takes care? Mother? Aunty (as in relative "aunty" or helper)?

Perhaps can plan something this school hols? Bring them out together to see how she behaves. I dunno if I'm prepared for her sudden mood swings lest I get a heart attack outside trying to control her or trying to tone down my girl. Or a playdate in my place?? I can't seem to slot in anytime in the week + already trying to prepare birthday stuffs day by day - having a playdate now will make myself extra busy.

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