Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aricia Birthday Celebration - @ home

It's good to keep it a family affair this time round coz' you can really chat with the families since everyone is always so busy with their own families daily and we only get to meet once or twice a year if we're lucky.

In the morning, was doing some finishing touches to the cake. The words! Argh! I miscalculated the letter 'R'. Checked through my icing cookies and no R, checked through my plain cookies also no R. I wonder why I did so many As. Argh!!! In the end, I decided to fill her name is more important than the BIRTHDAY word. What's placed on her cakeboard? It's HAPPY DAY. Heehee!

After the kids had their lunch, I brought them to PP to inflate the balloons. Pinata? There's a lion pinata, those that require you to whack. Actually I do have a new pull-string pinata in my storeroom. Decided no pinata this year coz' no thrill lah! - 3 kids?
Bought Aricia her birthday dress and a birthday present for her. She was so happy with her present.
Reached home and birthday girl napped for a short while, che-che was too excited over the party she couldn't sleep.

Food came and family came at the same time. Set the table; quick snapshots of the food :

Food we ordered this time (for memory sake) : Neo Garden Mini Buffet Set C for 15 pax (and we had so much leftovers!)
1) Sin Chow Bee Hoon
2) Mixed Cabbage
3) Sweet & Sour Fish
4) Curry Chicken
5) Steam Siew Mai
6) Sotong Yu Tiao
7) Seacoconut Cocktail
8) Sze Chuan Prawn
9) Seacucumber Duck

Added on eclairs (didn't have time to make + no more space in fridge to store) and Chocolate cream puffs. No chocolate fountain too coz' too much sweets already + in-laws aren't chocolate fans so will have wastage.

During the party, Aricia kept coming to me and told me "Mummy sing happy birthday song to Aricia." And when I needed to open the fridge door, she'd run to me and ask me "sing now?" Why is she so impatient?

I had a small game for the --- ahem 3 kids? Got the 2 older cousins to join in as well. Che-che was so proud that she was so close to the 'nose' - of course she was the winner. She was so happy that she had a small gift. The other kids received a Kinder Surprise chocolate, unfortunately I accidently squeezed one as I took out from the fridge and gave that to mei-mei. She let out a comment "ay........spoil." Wah! So vocal now?!

Then it was cake-cutting time. Hmm... I had asked KZ to help me clear the table and set the table up for the cake while I'm doing the game. And guess what? By the time I finished the game it was still not done?! She was scooping up and trying to wash up? Huh? I needed time to cool down the cake - pound cake. And not that long that my chocolate pictures melt too... so by preparing the table while we're playing game will be good enough. So worried that my cake will be a little too hard.

Mei-mei was nonetheless excited coz' she had been waiting for this TIME! Iggy was so afraid to go close to her coz' she had a balloon on her wrist. And he's suddenly afraid of balloons. She blew out the candles on cue.

Comments on the cake - nice but too sweet (and I've already cut down on the sugar). And I must always add "don't eat the buttercream..I can't cut down sugar on that", sister commented "why do you always tell people not to eat that? Want to eat, eat lor....." heehee! I'm mothering my kids........
Mei-mei had 2 servings of the jelly. She really loves jellies. See her kneeling behind the coffee table and eat quietly without protests/covering her mouth/covering her eyes so that she won't see food. Hmmm

We opened her presents, she received alot of clothes and angpows - practical presents. Thanks to J's mummy too who passed her her present after their Shichida class.

Party's over! Kids are happy. One down and another one........?? Wah.....think of it in 2 months time also tired liao!
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