Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I was so excited over her concert this year and going to buy alot of tickets to force my family members to see her perform. Since we made a big fuss over the older one with the most number of supporters every year (and my mother had to cheer when che-che's name was called ?? - so embarrassing dunno where to hide my face), we should be fair to fuss on lil' one too right? Be it whether she makes a boo boo on stage; performs well; fell etc... I wanna see her performing.

Then ... I realised that we were going to fly off the day before the performance. Argh! There's no way to change the date coz' the whole families (with the in-laws) are going.

A quick check with the school, I will buy the DVD provided the filming is on the rehearsal and not actual day. Most likely it's the actual day coz' usually the rehearsal day is very messy. One teacher was so kind to offer to help me take pictures coz' I requested to be present for the rehearsal but they say I can't. (I was practically pleading them ..........heck care if my hubby dowan to go. The mummy wants to be there to see her lil' girl dancing on stage.)
I was so lor-soh, checked with the supervisor to get a nod from her. If it's okay, I'll pass my camera and video camera to help me take pic/video her. I get an okay from her. Hmm.... think the school will hate me but if you're a parent and so kan-cheong over your kids, I'm sure you'll as desperate as I was.

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