Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So many things to do, one pair of hands, so little time.

haven't had time to prepare flashcards but I still need to complete one set of flashcards info @ the back (for general knowledge/input to the children)
Then I have to laminate some stuffs
Scan and throw away the papers to clear up space
Print out flashcards things in the lappie to clear space
Transfer photos into hard disk (can you believe it?! I haven't had the time to do it yet?)
My NZ photos!!!! Goash! I can't believe myself for procrastinating for so long

Can't seem to leave the children to wreck havoc in the house while I lock myself in in the afternoons and work like shit! Che-che's Oral coming up. I gotta try to guide her. Make it worse, I already have problem speaking Chinese and I am trying to help her?! Crazy right? Hubby can't help, he's studying too! I'll be so dead ........


The Chengs said...

How do you keep your flashcards? I put in small-sized accordian file. And my flashcards only made up of words. LOL...no pics. And I don't bother to laminate, bc I don't think I'd keep them for all that longterm!!! So the baby can crumple them and I just stack them back up into the folder and they seem quite ok when I next use them. *haha*.

Lily Ann said...

My cards are alot, can't put them in files. Instead I put them in their cupboard all organized in alphabets. Remember I had a picture of it somewhere in my blog.
Coz I need to flash (obviously), my card has to be of a certain grammage. I don't laminate my cards. Waste $$ and more time! Too slippery cannot flash fast also.

The Chengs said...

So does it work for yours? You tried Shichida with no.1 & no.2 or only no.2?

Sounds tedious.

Lily Ann said...

I did 100% Shichida + 100% GD on No.2. I did 95% Shichida and 100% GD on No.1
Unknowingly I had been tapping on No.1's right brain since young.

It is a tedious process but it pays off. And then when the child is in mainstream school you have high expectation from them. 95% then show me your report book. Heehee!

The Chengs said...

So with shichida & GD, your no.1 & no.2 started reading from very young?

How does that work out when you send them to school, esp preschool? Wouldn't they be so bored then? Like when they teach ABC instead...

Lily Ann said...

I've heard of kids reading as early as 2. My kids didn't start that young.
No.1 the quieter of the 2 surprised me one day by reading aloud her Charlotte Web. That impressed me coz' she never even wanted to read any books for me. And I didn't even flip that book with her.
No. 2 is reading a little now. Simple words.

No.1 was bored in school. She only looked forward to the playtime with her friends. Imagine her telling me she's not learning anything in K2. Told me she prefers to learn at home then school.
So there's good and bad point in everything.
But I guess it's the sense of achievement we have when we see our kids know alot.

The Chengs said...

So what's the point of sending to school if bored?

I'm wondering bc my baby can read simple books already, both English & Chinese. So next time how, I wonder. My elder boy says to homeschool, but I surely no patience.

Maybe just send to enrichment classes. *haha* As long as they don't make preschool compulsory as somebody suggested in the Straits Times yesterday *siao*.