Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gifts for the teachers

The gifts were prepared as early as June this year. Mmmm... I'm only referring to the two cards below which were given to Athena's school teachers.

I didn't want to buy anything this year coz' teachers are always given purchased common stuffs (mainly parents buy from Popular bookstore). It's a total change from last year's gifts which were mugs from Precious Moments. In the end, chose a craft which she might find it easier to do. She needs mummy's help too. The PVC glue didn't seem to adhere well so I used my hot glue gun - which also means more restrictions on what she can do. While handling the small eyes, I burnt my fingers. sob sob.................

For che-che's 2 teachers in school
The rests of the teachers who teach my 2 children. Apparently mei-mei has to spoil the bag for her Shichida's sensei. Last minute I couldn't buy another bag to replace. And....... the next day (on Friday) she had to spoil another bag - also for her sensei in her previous class. Well... for that I had sufficient time to buy another bag.
Running out of "eyes" and not in the way to Spotlight to purchase more, decided to really "buy the common stuffs from Popular bookstore". Total contrast! Running out of my white bags too, so everything's purchased except for the 'print, colour and paste' cards.
All these were given to LCCC teachers

Didn't prepare anything for the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Lunch in che-che's school. Weeks later, am a little recharged to make eclairs for mei-mei's MMI teachers

Happy Teacher's Day!


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