Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday celebration in school

Reached school at 10.55am, Teacher thought it was tomorrow... huh? I've informed the previous teacher in the communication book, she noted it but probably forgot to hand over the information to the new teacher.

While waiting for the older N1 children to finish their class, I brought mei-mei over to K2 to pass the bags to R and her lil' sister K.

The children were served their lunch. And then it was celebration time!!

OMG! Mummy had been too busy and forgot to buy her a new birthday dress. We picked che-che's white dress (worn at bro's church wedding). With a little tiara, she was transformed into a Princess.

The children kept looking at the cake. Which child wouldn't anyway? Aricia was grinning all the time, she loved her cake coz' it was a lion.

While the teacher was cutting the cake, I gave instructions to the teachers to try to sweep the buttercream away - sweet - they didn't and the children cleaned up their plate!!

I distributed the agar agars to the children, never gave them any choice until I came to my girl. Hee! Favourtism. After first round is distributed, I did the second round and asked for their preference. "I want yellow," "I want monkey" etc..

My girl ate 5 agar agars!!!!!! (Both girls are like their daddy - love jellies.) Coincidently her music teacher came by the school passed her class, I took a photo of them and offered a slice of cake - but she rejected. She's smart!

I was served a big piece of cake which I couldn't finish. It's moist and soft and I really like the filling.

You know what? I brought some animal crackers and didn't get to distribute to the children coz' I was worried about overloading them with too much sweet and heaty stuffs. The kids loved their serviettes and didn't use it. They brought it home with them. Haha!

Then she distributed the goody bags, starting with the older N1 children. Just the other day while I was packing the bags, she surprised me by reading her friends' names. And so, I let her read out her friends' name and give the bag to that child. Hugged a few kids.

Then it was dismissal time for most kids.

Fast and easy celebration. Phew!
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