Thursday, September 10, 2009

The School Hols week

Half the week have passed and I have been really lazy to update my blog. Sorry!

This time round, I still bring mei-mei to school daily. Can't expect her to skip school... the school fees too ex! Can't bear to waste the $.

Che-che had been asking me to let her stay in mom's place. So I make her promise me she'll do her work finish in the morning while I am out; do her e-homework when I'm back; practise piano. And as her bonus she can stay 2 nights. If not, she'll only go over on Tuesday and stay one night.
She woke up early and didn't eat her breakfast and started doing her work. Woah! If only she do this all the time.
Felt bad if I didn't bring her over, though she cheated by playing only 2 songs for me.

Did major stockup on dairy products in the morning without the children. I've 'milked' many cows.
The stocks : -
x12 butters (that was going on a promo. Golden Churn $6.45 for 2. Normally I use Lurpak but thought since I'll be using lots of butters, cut down cost)
x7 Phil cream cheese
x7 Bulla Heavy Cream
My fridge's packed!!

With her over at mom's place, mei-mei gets a chance to sleep with us. She loves it but she started asking for her sister; her target!

Managed to spend quite alot of time with her alone. Since usually I outsource her homework to KZ, I took the opportunity to do some home work; played and really more things I did with her on a 1-1 basis. Comes to a point that I kindda miss the 'only one child' parenting time. Not so stressed up like now, screaming at the kids to stop them from fighting.

Had to send hubby's car for servicing. This' the first time that I really sat inside the lounge waiting. Some brought their lappie to do work; read newspapers; slept. Me? Cutting my laminated sheets. Hahaha! Weird...

Mei-mei has her music lesson today, she's so proud to be in music class. Proclaim to everyone at home that she goes for music class; insists on carrying her music folder bag; tells neighbours in the lift - "I go moosik lesson" *heehee*
Did some more work with mei-mei. She was so proud of it she said she wanted to show it off to her teacher the next day.
Mei-mei kept asking for her che-che, "mummy fetck (fetch) che-che. Mummy I miss che-che." sweet. But wait till she fights with her che-che over everything.

She didn't protest in the car that she didn't have to go to school. She went into the school without looking back. Why? She was going to be busy showing off her work to all the teachers.
And I heard she did!!

Reached home 12+, quickly prepared one batch of buttercream. Shucks! Something's wrong. My buttercream became watery. I've made this so many times and usually no problem. Did I put in butters at the wrong time? Twice it failed on me. Read more here.

Suppose to send my car for servicing. Mei-mei's temperature read 37.2, sent her back to bed. Heehee.......actually mother is making excuse to laze. Will send the following week.
Shichida + Berries. Chiong ah....................

Intend to bring the children out. Che-che says I never bring her to Bird Park, actually was considering that until I think about the humid weather. Hmm... maybe bring them for a movie and walk in airconditioned mall.

Time being, try to resuscitate my buttercream. The children are making noise outside, laughing loudly. Mei-mei seem okay now. No fever obviously. I told her "okay, let's go to school now." Her answer "mummy, it school holiday..." "Not your school holiday, it's che-che's". Stump for words she insisted "Thursday no school, got Shichida."

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