Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have two weird children with weird sleeping habits.
Che-che used to stuff all her toys under her shirt and curl up to sleep. Then when I need to move her, I see those stuff toys inside (feels fat). Now, she began curling up more like a millipede - not stuffing anymore toys. But she has her Barbie doll, her smelly bear sleeping next to her - she places them nicely.

Mei-mei on the other hand don't really hugs her toys to sleep - ever since she was young. Sometimes she'd want to carry one toy with her but she won't hug it. Then she found a way to sleep, she holds her prized biscuit or candy to sleep. KZ would remove the snack and totally forget about it until the next morning the girl wakes up and cry for it.
This rebellious girl sometimes refuses to sleep, she sits cross-legged! And then she slumps forward with her legs still cross-legged.

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