Monday, September 14, 2009


Had the most exhausting and stressful weekend.

The kids were misbehaving coz' it was 'no government', they literally turned the whole place upside down - with che-che as the leader and doing all the ridiculous things and getting the most scolding. And this was the time when che-che defied my words asking her to do her work coz' she knows the mother can't leave the table and too busy to bother them. Which I did coz' I was red in anger. Needless to say, they will have this freedom for this week only & after that I'm going to drill them.

I took 5 and brought the kids out for G-Force. I had asked che-che to pick the movie she wanted to watch and booked the tickets the night before. When we were there to collect the tickets, she told me "I want to watch 'Up' ". Explained to her I've already booked the tickets for G-Force since she specifically told me she wanted to watch that, she threw tantrum.
It wasn't exactly a good day for me, I went out in a happy mood and came back in a foul mood. Just because some girl had to be so argumentative and was so rude to me. Che-che! I couldn't tolerate her bloody nonsense - honest! People see her as a shy quiet girl, that's what she portrays when she's outside. But when she's with the family, all the negative aspects comes up. So nobody believes me when I say I am really fed-up or furious with that girl. I do not want to go about what happened but even KZ couldn't tolerate her nonsense/her behaviour. Saying her behaviour is getting from bad to worse. And ..... I see the similar behaviour in S. Shucks! That girl is influenced by that naughty girl. KZ told her off straight in the face.

She didn't even apologize to me knowing that she's at fault. Very stubborn!

Complained to mom about her. Girl picked up the phone and didn't want to apologize to me. Mom had to threaten with "I'm not going to stay overnight in your house, and you're not to stay overnight in my house if you don't apologize to your mummy. How can you be rude to her?" In the end, she had to kneel infront of me as what mom instructed her to do so to ask for my forgiveness and accept her apologies. Why? Why does she have to do that? It would have been better if she had avoided this altogether to spare me from being so gek-sim.

Really wonder what's the problem with that girl? She's doing it deliberately to make me angry or she really have a BIG PROBLEM!!! Send her to the Girl's Home and spare me from her nonsense and then hopefully she learns her lesson and know that home is still the best place to live in.

Spent the time preparing all the nitty gritty stuffs to the cake decorations, and that girl was misbehaving. Feel like slapping her face to wake that girl up. Argh! Writing about her only make me more mad.

I'm beginning to feel even more frustrated with that girl. Throwing the sofa cushion on the floor; bringing her pillow and bolster out to the living room floor to step on it. You say fed up or not? You say she's too much or not? Told her to put back the things & she still continued. Until I had to threaten to use the cane on her. Why? Why do I have to resort to this?
By the time hubby finishes his course 1 year later, I would have already committed suicide. I can't take that girl's nonsense.
Worst still, she likes to cry when she don't get things her way. Which made everyone in the family angry with her for acting so childish. Hubby usually don't discipline the children also get fed up with her - not to mention someone like me who have to see, listen to that girl 24/7. I think there's a real big problem with her. She's either crazy or she's really imitating that S - who have severe mood swings.

I get so frustrated with her behaviour that I gave her a warning not to mix with S. I know you will say I'm teaching her the wrong thing, I didn't want to teach her this either but ... I do not want my girl to be the next child to be sent to the Principal's office or have her infamous name in the Prefects' notebooks. She may not listen to me and mix with her ; afterall I'm not there to spot check on her.

That girl thinks she is going to get her birthday party this year. I'm so pissed with her behaviour that I don't feel I want to do it for her anymore. Bad mummy you might say but imagine if you had put your heart and soul into something for your child. You don't expect a reward back but you wouldn't expect the child whom you've doted so much to snap back at you; and not showing you any respect.

Another day of rotating things one after another. Chocolate picture ; chill chocolates; do jelly; chocolate picture; chill; bake cookies;store chocolate picture; do another set of chocolate picture; take out cookies; chill; cut more cookies; was non stop work. And the kids were driving me crazy with their games - mei-mei fell and had a bruise on her forehead just becoz' the 2 of them didn't listen to me and took out the cushion and pillows again. Mei-mei stepped on the cushion and fell!

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