Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Was blogging 1/4 of the birthday pre-preps... didn't complete and think I'm going to forget about blogging it. I'm so tired!

I have been trying to clear some things - the childrens' things.

I do feel sad when I have to junk mei-mei's works so fast, no chance for her to see it next time when she's older. I managed to keep che-che's works in LCCC for 5 years before I decided to take photos/scan and junk the papers. Think it was easy coz' I only have one child, now with 2 children it's double the mess.
Amongst the things I have to scan in are her Shichida worksheets. And how I wish my scanner comes with the feeder so that I don't have to flip open the cover all the time. I can't seem to do much daily - can only do it in the night.

Yawns! I'm tired too! Been trying to sleep early.

Oh no! The childrens' blogs are not updated!!

Goodnight everyone.

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