Thursday, September 17, 2009

Touch ups

Target time to leave the house : 10.15am

At 9.30am, took out the cake and stick the cookie words with icing to the board. At the same time tried to pipe the designs on the cookie cone hat. Argh! That's the thing I hate to work with royal icing, it gets harden so fast and it got stuck in my piping tip. If I try to put more water, it's too watery to work. If I spoon asap after mixing the colours - how fast can I be? Too hot I can't hold the piping bag, cool down - it hardens. Argh!
In the end, I gave up the idea and left it plain.

KZ and myself left the house 10 mins late. Not a problem at all since I always like to have ample time in my already-ample-timed schedule.

4 portions of cake batter. It's really heavy!!

And off we go!


Mel said...

oh so the letterings are cookies!

hmm i dun have any piping tips... I just spoon icing sugar into disposable piping bags and snip the tiniest hole to make a "tip". No fancy tip designs though.

Lily Ann said...

Yes, yes! I find piping tips are really handy. Different piping tips can give you different designs.
But snipping off bags is fine too. No washing to be done.