Saturday, June 2, 2007

Violin concert / The Day

Woke up feeling so excited. Funny! Why am I so excited over this? Afterall she's did so many concerts before.

Brought her for her Speech & Drama lesson as usual, but skipped her Art class (can't make it in time for concert).
After her S&D, we headed down to
YMS immediately.
Had to look for food, somehow found this airconditioned place -
eblackboard at Waterloo Centre which is opposite YMS.
Time check :1145am. Hubby said "so early, you worry what?" "Yah! You think your daughter eat so fast huh?" And guess what?? They didn't even inform us that we had to wait coz' they haven't finished preparing anything in the kitchen as yet. 12+ we were still waiting when I asked them to take my order. Oh my! Asked them how long it'll take them to prepare coz' we're rushing for time. If it's too long then we will cancel the order. Ok, didn't have to wait that long after that. Athena's Fish & Chips came. And....... my dear girl took so long to finish it. So I was right. Hubby brought back to the car to change her.

Although I've seen my girl wearing party dresses. When I saw her in that dress coming in the restaurant - she didn't look like a bride (as she sang out the wedding march tune "tum tum tum tum" when I let her tried this dress at the shop) somehow she look liked a young musician - a young violinist in the making.
Hoping someone from some well-known academy is in the audience and tell me "your daughter is talented.. I'm going to put her in my academy." Nah! Fat hope. I've got a girl who strings the G string alot of times when doing A-string.
Anyway, suddenly I felt so proud of her.. and all the scoldings and naggings from me is forgotten. Okay lah! She want to play the violin, let her be.. she must be really happy.
I like it when she likes to stand this way (notice her feet) when taking photos. It's so child-like
A blogger will take photo of anything, including this!
When we arrived at 1+, there were many other people around. Had to tune the violin. Then Athena started her own practise, this time she practice the whole song with all the fingering (when she needn't) on the fingerboard. And then there was the ee-ee-or-or (she kept touching the bridge)
She kept fiddling around us coz' she didn't know anyone there. Kept moving her bow that it somehow hit one guy infront of us on the head. When I apologized, he didn't seem to mind and even said it's really ok. Later on, I realised his teenage son is playing solo. He must be thinking to himself "xiang dang nian.. wo de er zhi..." Maybe he got hit by his son many times before???

Concert started at 2pm sharp. Hers was the first item. There were 8 or 9 kids altogether. Then the rests left the stage and only Balraj and herself played the A & E string of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (I am so sick & tired of this song already!!) I am happy that they both did well despite the lack of practice. It was a last minute decision on Tuesday to add in the stringing part.

When Athena came back to me, first thing she asked me "mummy, did I do correctly? Do I look like I was begging for money?" (why 'begging for money$, they have to put up their hand to do the fingering action. But my lazy girl likes to put down her hand, so I say she's begging for money)

We stayed while after that, and left about half an hour later. The children are tired; Aricia's grumpy.
Anyway, I'm really so proud of her.

Naughty Aricia pushed her che-che away

Oh.... at Waterloo Centre bought this Choc-A-Lot cake from
Room For Dessert. Heard so much about this shop but never in the vicinity. Couldn't resist temptation, bought 2 cakes and dunno why Athena said "Thank you mummy..." Err.. did she think that one cake was for her?? Ai yoh, now she thank me I also feel guilty for not giving it to her.

PS. When I asked my hubby how he felt when Athena went on stage, he said nothing. Duh! I am too emotional liao... when I told him how I felt about Athena with a violin and that child violinist Shi Min or dunno what ... my child is like a prodigy. He bursts out laughing.

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