Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bits & pieces of the week

4th - Monday
Brought Aricia back to the chinese sinseh coz' she seems to develop rashes that looks like insect bites but it usually disappears and then either reappears elsewhere or never appear again. During the day, since Saturday, noticed the rashes goes on and off. I did try mopiko and hydrocort but to no use, so it can't be insect bite(mopiko) or rashes(hydrocort).
This morning, decided to go down to the sinseh to see if she could be allergic to the medicine. Call it unlucky, the lady sinseh is not around. Her brother is not as good as her, but I thought better not waste the trip since I needed to know what's going on. Duh! Tell me stupid thing "it's insect bites", then can ask me to buy those netting to cover her bed, or I can buy those netting that looks like those we use to cover food. Huh? Whatever he said left me so doubtful. What mosquito bites, our place won't even breed any mosquitoes. We have drained dry the water feature in our where??
Aricia found a new toy - our telephone. She likes to throw down the handset
Mischievous girl in action! And then feigning innocence.
In the evening after I picked Athena up from school, decided to go down to the GP.
He is more detailed and brought out more possibilities for us to think, better than the stupid male sinseh "mosquito bites"?!?! At least the GP did raise up some issues which in the day I did thought could be the cause, better than the stupid sinseh "mosquito bites" !! I make better doctor than the sinseh.

1) can be ezema which is genetic. I did raise up that Athena's PD once mentioned that Athena has ezema but it didn't look the same as what Aricia is having now. But I doubt Athena has ezema it's probably coz' I didn't have the habit of putting body lotion for Athena when she was a baby (and she sleeps in aircon room) so her skin was rather rough. Her skin is smooth as silk now, still no habit of putting body lotion. But coz' I use gentler body wash for her like Lactacyd or Cetaphil.

2) any changes in diet, washing detergent etc?? No!!
3) can be due to weather change, or allergic to dust etc.... quite alot of possibilities which we have to get it tried and tested out.

4) it is not mosquito bites for sure. Asked if it could be bed bug, could be.. but it doesn't look like a bedbug bite, coz her rashes or whatever you call it travels from place to place.

5) can also be what the chinese old folks call it feng-mo (huh? what's that??)

Whatever it is, we as the parents should take note what causes it. If it gets well, it could or could not come back again. Sometimes (he explained) some children are simply sensitive to some thing) so if it comes back (eg. weather change) during the same time every year, she will develop these rashes.

The doctor did casually make a remark that Aricia is small for her size. I dunno if the weighing machine is accurate (coz' it's always good to measure from the same machine) coz' she measured 5.6kg. *gasp* He did say "her height is good, her weight is.... yup! 3%tile. Oh no.. infact I think it dropped to below that." He did comment that there's no delay development on her part so she's okay. Then he said "this could be genetic. Are any of you small when you were young?" I said no.. apart from the fact that I was born small (the smallest of all) I think I grew up well.... umm.. except for my height. Then hubby brought it up "yes, my sisters and myself were all very small and skinny when we were children. But we all grow up okay now." Hey! I didn't know that?! Hubby never told me.
So somehow it's reassured that Aricia is well but you know all mothers will somehow be worried about their children. Some months later, I might still be harping on this boring issue in my blog.

Why? Why? So many genetic things follow my husband?? Hubby & his siblings all had childhood asthma. Which was why Athena's PD & one PD in KK kept saying that Athena has asthma as well. Chey! It's not asthma, she has acute bronchitis. So I have to be careful with what she eats - too much sweets (including things like Milo - I have to really dilute it) or oily stuffs she will start coughing. If don't manage well, will have to take oral medication apart from her
Flixotide & Salbutamol. She doesn't pant or need the spray all the time except when she's given too much of snacks. Anyway, I was told that she has to be on continuous Flixtotide twice a day, but I didn't listen to the PD - coz too much of it is no good. And hers is manageable anyway. Then now Aricia's size. I guess as long as she has no muscular disease (choy!) or any thing else, I shouldn't worry coz' she is very happy all the time - all smiling; laughing.
At the doctors' (that's the longest consultation coz' he was so detailed) she was given a cream. When we put it for her, we had to use her baby mittens and booties so that she won't bite. She rebelled, threw tantrum and then she gave in for a short while then started bitting her mittens to rebel further.
See the mark on her left hand??
In the night, Athena kept asking hubby for the Shrek headband. I promised her I'd bring her tomorrow.

5th - Tuesday

Pulled Athena out of school today as I wanted to bring her go gai-gai. Been quite some time since I spent gai-gai time with her.

First stop - ELC. The place was in a mess, and I couldn't understand why everytime I stand up from my squatting position (while playing with Athena), I get dizzy spells and feel breathless. Maybe I'm old already....
I bought Aricia this (coz' Athena lost all her blocks). It's meant for 1-3 years old but I always like to buy advance toys for my children so 1) don't have to waste $$ next time 2) hopefully they'll be smarter (haha) I did regret later (saw a Fun Time toy at a fraction of the price @ Growing Fun and there were three different toys inside) Argh! What to do?? I have fondness for ELC toys too! While Athena was playing inside Growing Fun, I reccee the place to see what I can buy for her. Got her this, it's some thing like Lego but I found this needed sightly more imagination. Felt really tired and breatheless. Strange?? It was near lunch time so we went to Delifrance to have a bite. I totally lost my appetite and ordered a soup for myself. Although I was really thirsty, I didn't finish my Ice Lemon Tea. I didn't have the strength to continue the whole day with her, head pain; body ache; fever. Told them that we have to head back home. I felt very 扫兴, pulled her out with the intention of enjoying herself but in the end - spent only 3 hours outside. But I guess there's always more opportunities.
Apologised to Athena that I couldn't bring her out longer, asked Athena if she's happy, she commented "Yes! I'm very happy today mummy.. coz' I went to ELC." Dunno if she was comforting me or she really meant it.
At home, I couldn't be bothered to do anything. Popped panadol and went to bed. Thank goodness helper is around. If no helper, I think I still gotta work when I'm vomitting.
Didn't feel much better at all in the evening, then kept going toilet. Shit! Whatever has happened to my spare lomotils? Po chai pills didn't work at all......... I'm so tired. Only a normal illness and I'm so tired.. I'm so ashamed of myself. How about mom who had been enduring dialysis for so many years years (7yrs before her renal transplant) ago; all the surgeries?? How she got up from bed to cook for us; keep the house clean despite the fact that she should be getting sufficient rest. No appetite (again), had Horlicks 3-1 -BIG MISTAKE!! Forgot 3-in-1 includes milk and I'm suppose to avoid milk at this time.
Somehow in the night, Athena started crying that I didn't get her the Shrek headband. Then she blamed that "daddy is still not back to bring me to McDonalds, afterwards all McDonalds close already." Later, I heard her calling her daddy and lamenting that I didn't bring her to one today coz' I was not feeling well (maybe hubby thought I kaysee since I was so well in the morning)
Hubby came back from Hougang, said it's out of stock. She started crying. Then I let her go (without finishing her music lesson) so that hubby can bring her to Rivervale Mall. Then got a stupid comment from hubby "how come you never bring her there today??" "Wah... your wife suddenly feel so sick already, dunno whether can drive back home still dare to walk so much outside?! Headband so important huh?"

She came back with the headband on, and she was so happy!!Aricia's favourite crawling tunnel - out coffee table. Actually most time she climbs in but has her legs sticking out.

6th - Wednesday
Baby Shrek showing funny faces early in the morning

Worked up still feeling tired but had to bring her to school. So dragged myself out of bed.. didn't talk much in the car with Athena. Went to see Dr Ng, and he confirmed it's gastric flu not food poisoning or the Tom Yum I had on Monday night on empty stomach. He did mention that milk will make a person continue to have diarrhoea for the next 12 hours. It suppose to end at 8am but then .... no leh..
I was instructed to keep away from the children as it can be spread. But I had to bathe Aricia right?? So kept a distance from her while washing her.
Had a nice long rest after a little of diluted milo plain (needed something sustainable). Was contemplating if I should bring Athena to her music lesson.
In the end, I brought her there with my stomach churning and churning. And I didn't have the mood to nag at her for the mistake she did. Slept alone in Athena's room. Aricia roomed in with helper while Athena roomed in with hubby (cannot spread to hubby coz at any time we need 2 adults to take care of the 2 kiddos). Haven't had proper meal for 24 hours liao, nothing inside me but still..... hoping in the process it'll flatten my tummy?!?!

7th - Thursday

Darn! Tummy never slimmed down. Didn't feel up to it in the morning feeling nauseous, asked hubby if he could bring Athena to school. Last minute instructions from me, the timing too rush for him liao. So in the end, the 2 noisy girls were at home. I tried to sleep in the morning after I took the medicine, but the girls woke me up. And I was afraid that helper can't manage with the two of them. So was taking care of them until she was free; turning my head away all the time.
Aricia wants bao-bao.. keeps coming to me. In the end, I carried her. She tapped me on my shoulder like trying to sayang me like that. Haha so cute!
Finally had the rest I really needed, in the afternoon, I slept like a baby for good whole 5 hours. Wow! Never felt so good. Finally too! My stomach felt so much better, at least for once I didn't have to wake up in the middle of my sleep to visit the toilet or control the churning.
My first food after almost 2 days was a very small portion of plain porridge for lunch with canned lettuce. Dinner, didn't have appetite to finish the fish porridge that dad had brought over. Ate the fish slices and that's it. Okay, I think tomorrow I should be able to go back to my normal hectic lifestyle.
As for Aricia, she didn't seem to have those rashes anymore. The naughty little girl was left alone crawling on the floor. I was so tired having to chase after her and keep bringing her back to her original sitting position. I was engrossed with the beadcraft that Athena was doing, and suddenly my little one is missing.Didn't know where she was, and guess where I found her? Her voice "arr....arr... " *thump thump* - hitting her flashcards lead me to the coffee table. (photo taken on 5th) But this time round, she managed to pull herself fully in and she's that small to fit in all curled up that can't see the head or legs. LOLmsn smileys

8th - Friday

Didn't sleep well. I dunno why everytime when I'm sick, my mind will be so alert in the night. Is it a punishment for me to sleep for 5hrs in the day? I struggled from 11 to 1+ still awake, next minute, probably slept awhile 3+ stomach rumbling, 5+ stomach churning feel nauseous.
But still able to bring Athena to school.
Have been popping sourish things into my mouth. Darn! I never pop that much sourish stuffs even when I was pregnant twice!! Nope! In any case you're wondering, I'm not pregnant.
Stomach not exactly 100% well so gotta be careful with what I eat.. sigh.....I was craving for ice-cream in the morning.
In the afternoon, rested for only 1+hr. Coz' it came back again. At the rate I'm going, I need to camp out. Didn't have much appetite in the evening again. And today, bought a Cookie Berry Crunch cake to celebrate Iggy turning 4 months. In the end I didn't dare eat it. Sigh........such torture! No more lomotil left, feel like trying peppermint tea. Eeeks! Might as well swallow toothpaste.

9th - Saturday
Yippee! Art class art class, I'm excited just as she is. Drove down to Kovan for both classes, only to have the school calling me to inform that art class will be cancelled coz' Mr Lim had a fall. We were sad and Athena pouted her lips..."huh? but why mummy??"
After her S&D class, she asked if she's going to Tampines now.( I allowed her to stay over tonight with bro picking her up at 6+ after his work) I could have sent her over but I wanted to spend some time with her.
When she slept and KZ taking care of the sleeping Aricia, I quickly took the opportunity to pamper myself a little. Used my first bottle of Purely Silk Salt Scrub after so long; after I finished my other B&BW bodyscrubs. skin feels so baby smooth. Was doing a stock check as well. Think my scrubs can last me for 1yr? but my bodywash is finishing soon. Argh! starting to get withdrawal symptoms now. I need supplies!!!!I'm talking rubbish again!
Further pampering by doing a mask; played soothing music; blasted the aircon. As I lay there relaxing, I wish I was in a spa. Then realised forgot to scent the room with essential oil but then the whole room smells like I do already. I think I need to make a trip to the spa soon, I need to spruce up my otherwise frumpy-looking ah-soh look. No wonder they say "things get busy when you have more kids", I used to have time to pop by spa last time with 1. Now?? Haven't even gone for facial since CNY!!
Photos taken today

Bro came; Athena went. House quiet and decided to do the cookies. Need to pipe the colour for her in advance (tomorrow) and then hopefully can do it with her the rests tomorrow. I started baking late so now - time check 3.15am : I'm waiting for the last batch of cookies to be baked, while hiding out under the aircon in the room, hubby snoring oblivious to the fact that I haven't slept. Think will be another hour before I can turn in. Strange? I don't feel sleepy at all. But I'm glad I borrowed 2 smaller glass plates from mom, otherwise it'll take me till afternoon to finish everything. Managed to watch Dawn Anna on HBO while baking, cried. I wonder if the cookies will taste saltish - tears and perspiration. Haha! (that's why I'm giving them to my family. sshh.. don't tell them)

Okay, going to sleep soon. It's already 5am, everyone is going to wake up soon I better jump into bed now.

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