Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fickle-minded & concert

It's no wonder Athena is so fickle-minded, she got this trait from me.

Jenny posed me this question on which instrument I'm going to let Athena learn. I have already decided that she shall go for the piano instead of the electone. Electone, can make you lazy coz' you tend to rely on the accompaniments (ya lor... like the mother)

Yes, will definitely have to buy a piano then.When hubby heard about it, he gasped "piano so big..where got space??" He was looking at the grand piano. Ai yoh.... of course not that lah! It's what I love but flat so small where got space? Unless he strike lottery and we move to a much bigger house. Wait long long............

Read her blog for the concert.
I was worried she couldn't play on the piano coz' keys are harder. But she didn't disappoint me. But she talked too much in class, Peggy had to stop her & Jachelle.Is she trying to get attention or too hyperactive liao?!

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