Sunday, June 17, 2007


One family, many languages
Athena was jumping around the house singing in Japanese, and then hubby asked her "do you want to learn Japanese?" My girl quipped in immediately, "yes!"
Although I've been talking about letting her learn foreign language and tried persuading hubby. But when he finally is open to the idea, I made a step back. (weird mummy)
It means I have to pull her out of some course, which obviously it should be the English S&D and Art. But then I need to put her in mental arithmetic soon, so I don't think we can cope with 2 other classes in replacement with the 2 current classes now. It's the distance - I'm so lazy, I don't want to travel from place to place.
Anyway, back to the foreign language, I'll see how it goes. So what if she learns? There's no one to practice with what?! And I'm sure the old folks will say I'm crazy, we're not even Japanese; can't even speak our dialects what more another foreign language. Maybe when she's in school, she can pick up 3rd language coz' by then she probably will not attend anymore enrichment classes apart from her music lessons. I'll see how things go. For all you know, tomorrow I might enrol her in a Jap school.
Hubby then joked "Athena's going to learn Japanese, then Aricia learn what? Burmese?? (bursts out laughing)" - can't imagine that little girl speaking Burmese.

I'm a bad bad mummy
Told myself that I shouldn't be pulling Athena out of school too much, but I ended up teaching her how to pontang school thrice this holiday. I may have to let her skip school again tomorrow.
At first I didn't feel so guilty until I learnt that her teacher is still teaching * gasp*
Speaking of which, Clanna is doing more than what Ms Chan did. She's already doing number bonds (thank goodness)!

Sometimes she can be a darling, sometimes she drives me crazy.
Sometimes she loves her sister, sometimes she bullies her sister.
But she's all the time hungry!!

I dunno why, that girl keeps complaining she's hungry. I think she's greedy lah! But I tell you, she's so horrible. After her lunch, she can eat 2 buns + milk. If only, she can give a little of her weight to mei-mei.

This girl knows what she wants, has her mind of her own. She yelps just like a puppy - in her sharp voice when she's protesting.
Funny girl with all the funny actions. She's started in closing her eyes tight and open & then smiles. Charming little girl.
Oh! that girl is a fast learner siah! She needed double aid (walker + we hold her) in walking with the walker (as shown in the video below) a few days ago, then today she did it on her own. [video was taken from a few days ago to today]
Funny thing happened today, I wanted to catch her on video, she got so distracted and kept looking at me. Then she fell - lookout for it at the end of the video.

Some photos of her today, and other videos over the week:

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