Monday, October 12, 2009

Aricia is tooo fast!

In one of those afternoons I had with her, I did stile Maths with her.

My little girl was able to read those number words. I only taught her up to ten and she was able to read up to twenty for me and match the answer. The book covers a spectrum on numbers and she was able to tell me what number comes before/after an example in the book. She goes on to match the answer. Woah! And when it comes to counting the number of items and put the number, she was able to do it in a glance. All thanks to the Dots Program which I must admit she is very strong in that.

The book is recommended for 4+ to 6 and I'm proceeding on with the other books also for the same age group. Ahem........ let's hope my girl don't disappoint me when she's in primary school next time. When I see the results, it makes me want to shop more for her and makes me want to continue with her those tiring home sessions.

One day, she was telling me "I want mummy pom pom me in Aunty Zet toilet. I want to sit on the sstone (stool which sounded more like 'stone' with the additional longer ss sound)." I corrected her "it's stool" She repeated, "I sit on the stone." Looked at me and then pondered "S.... *Mummy's eyes open wide* O.........T" Deh! Wrong! And I wasn't expecting her to try to spell out for me but well she had three letters right only the second and third letters are jumbled up.

But that incident made me think if she's ready for the next step in Phonics. Checked with the school to see what stage they're in. "We're still doing the A-Z. Aricia finished it the last time with Teacher M the rests of the class haven't. And she's doing it the second time now." So I asked if I could go ahead and try to introduce her to digraphs. She said I could try, I don't know if she's up to it coz' having to listen to the story of Sammy Snake and Harry Hat Man etc... can be boring for a 3 year-old. But if I don't introduce her, I'm shortchanging her. But if I do, it means this poor mummy has no break at all. I can't seem to catch up with that girl.

During that chat with her teacher, she commented that Aricia is a fast learner. She does well in every aspects the previous teacher told her as she handed the class to her. The previous teacher didn't tell me that during our PTM. In that case, I asked her "then shouldn't you all be putting her in another class? Otherwise she's so bored." She's going to suggest to the supervisor. I mean..not like it makes a great difference since it's almost the end of the year but if she's fast then I do expect her to be put in N2 earlier. Poor girl.... Hubby said "no wonder she didn't want to go to school." I don't think that was the reason, it was the passing phase every child goes through. Okay, will see how.

Hubby is really pleased with this lil' girl. I am too. Infact I'm proud of both my girls who are really good. Che-che only needs to work on her carelessness. We have alot of praises that the younger one is the brighter of the two, we can't deny that. But let's hope she don't slack and continues to excel in her primary school (which KZ said she'll be bored to tears in class. I envisioned her to fall asleep in class. Hahaha! And then get sent to Mrs Tan office.) and so on.

I don't know when mei-mei is older, will she still have her that "perfectionist" traits in her? If she does, it may be good and bad. Imagine her giving herself more pressure if she don't score.

KZ asked if Aricia can do more advance in Singapore. I explained not in the formal school context. No skipping of grades unless the child is homeschooled. "Then home school her!! Aricia very smart, she can do it." Ahh.........I don't think I'm ready, I'll be exhausted having to watch over her grades and it costs more $$$ to hire private tutors than to send to formal school.

Hmm... let's just say it's not in our option unless hubby strike lottery and we can afford that.

Time being, I'm really pleased with her achievements and makes me want to do more for her.

Drink more Redbull and chiong ahh.................................


Shannon's Mummy said...

All these happened because of you! You are a Great Mummy who put in all your effort to teach them..

Lily Ann said...

Okay lah... I did whatever I could. They do learn fast too.