Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mooncake Jelly

Was suppose to do my snowskin mooncake, highly ambitious this year by trying to attempt on the baked mooncake; piglet biscuits;ice-cream mooncake; jelly mooncake etc...

I tried Jelly thinking that it'll take the shortest time and then I can do the snowskin. Wrong! Looks like I won't be able to make it in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Will do it at a much later date.. haha! Very jialat! Wish I can really take time and ignore the kids but I can't... my heart can't seem to let go.

My jelly mooncakes :
The normal pandan agar agars (pink and green)
Pink comes with "egg yolk" Green comes without.

Kopi with "lotus & egg yolk". A hot favourite, I'm not a coffee fan but it's really nice......
Chendol with gula melaka filling
Dragonfruit with mango filling. Why purple colour? I dare not buy the red-coloured Dragonfruits coz' the colour look so fake. The white ones looked so ... inauspicious for this nice event. So coloured a little purple. Hmm.....looks like yam huh? Next time shall try that.
I don't eat dragonfruit so asked my tester, KZ to see if she can get the dragonfruit taste. She said yes so I quickly packed that in the afternoon in time to pass it to P when I saw her later at Berries
Managed 5 this time round. I'm tired. I know I know suppose to be even numbered. I or-tang... another 3 more next time to make it 8 - fatt!
I was working on it in a few days (explained in the later part of this post) and the last batch, I did the 3 flavoured (coffee, chendol and dragonfruit) until 1+am. Backache! Weary!
The small ones for P
Packed and ready to go. I managed to find these boxes in PH. But can't seem to find the box for the bigger mooncake, so used those tardy-looking transparent kind.
Using the extra chendols, I added in some adzuki beans to make it more appetizing. Oohs.... fattening!
Since I opened the whole can of adzuki, I did some red bean jelly

Kindda enjoy doing this, and it's the first time I used up alot of the pandan leaves. (usually I have alot of leftovers and they rot and then I gotta junk away)
The egg yolks and some plain yellow ones (lotus) were done in a day (when che-che is doing her work, mei-mei napping and KZ and me fighting for space in the kitchen)

Had to do 2 times of 1 litre each on 2 separate days coz' I didn't have enough those flat surface containers and not much space in fridge
Alot of scraps left after cutting out these shapes
Mango flavoured egg yolks
So called lotus paste with egg yolks. While I did this, I used the remaining to make the pink and green ones. In total I made more than 6 litres

Mango pureed filling for the dragonfruit mooncake
Mango filling + Gula Melaka filling
Gula melaka filling. I cut down on sugars for most mooncakes so don't know if it's still too sweet for some
I love these chendols. But I could have been more generous with the chendols.
Hmm..... don't know when I'll be able to make the snowskin and the rests. Ai yah! want to shang-yue can shang-yue anytime lah! - just trying to console myself


Shannon's Mummy said...

Your Mooncake Jellys look so nice and yummy!

You are really a SuperMom!!

Lily Ann said...

I sneaked breaks in the evenings to do those.