Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre - Halloween fun

The day before I asked Teacher M for permission to dress Aricia up in her costume today. I had bought some candies for the kids. I thought dressing her up would be fun coz' she'll never get to do this when she goes Primary school. Let me break school rules first!

Teacher M obliged, double checked on the total number of children in school - 75. I had bought 4 bags of M&Ms on Wednesday and counted the sweets - 76. Had been trying to buy another pack from other outlets but can't seem to find. Can you imagine where I got my 4 bags from? NTUC Simei. And since I was back in Marine Parade on Thursday, I thought the 2 Cold Storages and 1 NTUC should carry it since there are some expatriates living there as well. But NO!!

In the morning, I briefly told mei-mei that she had to help to give out candies to her friends in school. She gladly obliged. When I picked her up later, she said she wants to give out sweets to her friends again.

Here are some photos of my girl.

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