Monday, October 26, 2009

The fight

The children had a hilarious fight.

I overheard mei-mei telling che-che "mummy is my mummy." When che-che claims I'm also her mummy, mei-mei said "no! mummy is my mummy. Daddy is your daddy."

The fight fight fight until mei-mei told her :you and Aunty Zet. follow Aunty Zet go back Myanmar.


Mei-mei bangs the dining table and kept shouting for her chinese medicine. Told her that she's to take twice a day not like her sister (x3), she gets angry.

Well, told the sinseh about this and how she said she was going to complain to doctor; the doctor bursts out laughing .

Yah! I've got a weird kid. She loves chinese medicine but she hates herbal drinks - we have to force feed her.

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