Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Was planning a trip down to Wheelock on Friday, thank goodness I don't need to now.

A stopover at the Apple store in TM, I asked them about the servicing centre and their operating hours (so that I can optimise my time on Friday - running 4 places that day all within Orchard area). Then I asked "do you think they'd service my phone coz' it's bought in US." She was speaking softly to me after I asked that question. "Apple will not service your phone coz' it's only meant for US use and you brought it in illegally." I joked, "so when I send this for servicing, I'd be sent to jail coz' I've done something illegally." (and here I am writing brazenly for the whole world to read) She didn't understand it was a joke. Her colleague passed by us and then spoke softly to us. Hee! We looked like we were plotting something secretive. Oops! Explained what code is different there's no way I can service the phone if it dies on me in the future. (she did help me to do a soft reset. I cross my fingers that nothing of this sort happens again, I worry about my datas being lost; my 'brain' in coma forever.

Goash! I realised I can't live without this phone. The Calendar that keeps all of my memory; the address and contacts of all my lovers; the games that will keep my children quiet (until they start fighting over who's not sharing the phone etc..).

I spent my day in a daze, recalling what I had to do today. Now my memory's back. Yay! WELCOME BACK IPHONE. YOU BETTER DON'T DIE ON ME!!!!!

Hubby did ask me to upgrade the phone. Hmm.. maybe I should ask him "you mean you're buying for me??" Perhaps he'd rather get me the new phone than to get frustrated over this IT idiot wife and bothering him to bring to his IT.


Shannon's Mummy said...

Hmm.. funny... why phone bought in US cannot be service in Sin? Why is it illegal? No logic leh.. I bought a Dell PC in Singapore and got the Dell in France to service my PC recently.

Lily Ann said...

They wanted to ensure that phones can't be brought over easily. If not, no business internationally.
Therefore codes all inside. Or perhaps SIN able to do it but they buay-gum-guan to service for you coz' you never buy from them.
They only want to make you buy from them swo came up with alot of reasoning. Think about it, if the IT dept in any company can crack the code and we're able to use it, IT can also do something to repair the phone.