Sunday, October 18, 2009


Can't believe another week is gone just like that, didn't realise that I hadn't been blogging.

It was another boring week that went by and this week onwards (til che-che finishes her exams) it's going to be chiong chiong chiong.

Her school (like most primary schools) will be closed for one week. The many hours of work she has to do this week was sorted out in less than 15 mins by the teacher aka mad mother.

I took yesterday off for myself, baked chocolate pound cupcakes. Using the same recipe as I did for mei-mei's birthday cake cutting down alot of sugar. And since it's cupcakes, the baking time is lesser. While waiting, I made some bread for the kids. I baked almost the whole day! Tired and whoever (idiot me!) said baking is a form of relaxation?? My testers said it's nice (they always do anyway) - very supportive lot of people.

Photos :

Backtracking the days >>

17th - Saturday
Brought the kids to PS in the afternoon and met hubby later for dinner. Went to BABW and finally mei-mei said she wanted a dog. Normally she'll say yes and then scream a loud "Nooooooooooo!" This time round, she agreed and I'm so happy (crazy mother!). She chose a white dog; chose a dress. I didn't ask her to choose shoes coz' I needed to get 2 pairs and I will wait till it's Christmas time.
She's really pleased with her dog. When I asked her for the name, she couldn't think of anything. I suggested Pluto. (but out of the shop much much later I heard her singing B-I-N-G-O. Duh! Could have named it Bingo)

Mei-mei is cautious of her belongings. She was sitting on the computer playing when suddenly she remembered her dog which was out of sight for quite a while. She walked around the shop shouting "Where's my dog? Ah (aunty) Zet where's my dog? I cannot find my dog........" looking quite sad until I pointed out to her Pluto in the box. She hurried to take out her suffocated dog. *mummy very happy coz' she takes care of dog*

Walks out of shop, she hugs it. Barely 5 mins later, she turned the dog upside down holding by the tail and spoke "mummy you see.........I hold dog dog upside down. Dog giggy (giddy)." *mummy gasped at the dog abuser*

Photos: (more photos will be uploaded in her blog)

Cheapskate me didn't buy shoes, so the children took whatever shoes they have at home to put it on Pluto.

16th - Friday
Picked mei-mei up from school and saw that she (and the rests of the children) had 2 bangles on her right wrist + a sticker on her forehead. Forgot it's Deepavali tomorrow, if not I'll dress her up in a sari.
She looked so cute and had to grab photos of her. Instructed KZ to be careful when washing her face, going to show daddy and che-che when they return home in the evening.

After her lunch + shower, I had less than an hour before I need to leave house. Was too lazy to give her any home session, did some small little work with her coz' she kept bugging me to do "I want to do homework".

Signed che-che up for class in Lorna Whiston. And the classes are on every Fridays 4.30pm. Had to leave house earlier to "chope" a place outside her school so that I can pick her up at the gate; run to the car and drive out asap before the school buses move off and block my way. Shucks! I hate this gan-cheong feeling. Whole life rushing here and there.

Che-che did the same koala-ed thing again. I walked out of the glass door, peeped by the side and saw her standing out there refusing to go into the class. 2 girls stood there accompanying her until the teacher had to push her into the class. Pep talked to her already still like that. I hate it when she does that!

I reccee-ed the place, rather the carpark area near to the lifts. Went to the partyshop to buy 'bribes' for her.

I've been robbed!!
Can't believe my luck! I've been robbed in broad daylight in a crowded place.

My loss? My dinner - chicken!

I bought my food, left it on the table and walked to the drink stall (had my back to my table) wanting to order a drink. Turned around to see an empty table. ?!?!? For that moment I blur out, did I put it on that table? Yes, I was certain I did.
Checked with the cleaners they said no, one said "I saw your food, it was piping hot we wouldn't clear it." Nonetheless he went to ask his colleagues, everyone said they didn't clear the tray. Then one worker told me "I saw one man taking your food away.."

Huh? Wah piang cheapskate huh? What was I suppose to do? Walk around the whole foodcourt and tell the person "that's my chicken you took?" Damn stupid right?

Feeling so angry about it. It's only $4 not much but still -. Decided to go to Coffee Bean to have my dinner. I made sure nobody took my food as I was holding my fork and knife in my hand waiting for my food and so ready to throw a knife/fork dart at that person who tries to steal. It was a blessing in disguise lor...I managed to enjoy my dinner in a quieter setting (though I'm not going to do this all Fridays)

Went back to the school and waited for her. She seemed happy with her classmates, so why pretend to cry and do that koala thing?

I need to consider the timing for next year. If I continue every Fridays, then it means I have to bring mei-mei home after I pick her up; can't do much with her at home and then gotta leave the house to camp in car. Che-che and myself will only be home at 7pm. If I bring mei-mei out with me and sit somewhere with her while doing some work with her, I'm fully utilising my time but it means I'll be more exhausted taking care of that hyperactive girl.
I dunno if there'll be any Wednesday class - 2.30pm. I can still drive in a leisurely speed to PP, either have a quick bite or pack lunch from home. And then mei-mei is going to be with me while che-che is in class. Reach home say about 5pm, rush to take a shower and then come out (again) to Tampines for music lesson. (I normally like to leave house at 5.30pm to get a parking lot coz' at certain timing the lots are full) Heng ah... good thing I have a car at my disposal siah!

But still it's a debate of :

1) rush-rush Wed and the usual crazy Thurs
2) Going out for classes 3 days consecutively. sians

14th - Wednesday
I haven't been bringing mei-mei to Mcs for our weekly visits for a couple of weeks. And when I announced it to her in the morning, she was so happy. Che-che was jealous, I promised che-che I'd bring her one day (probably during the week break)

10th - Saturday

The kids asked to go gai-gai. The old folks (us) are so lazy... feel like rotting at home. Didn't know where to go coz' it's tiring to go to the malls. And so, hubby decided to bring them to SIL's place to see her new dog.

My otherwise brave girl, chickened out!! Can't believe it! We used to call che-che timid coz' she was afraid of hamster while mei-mei was not. Then the most unbelievable thing happened. Mei-mei panicked and was really scared while che-che asked to carry the puppy.

Che-che asked to keep a puppy and our answer is a definite no. SIL only decided to keep a puppy now after her 2 sons asked for it (again) and they're already in their teens - old enough to take care. Perhaps we should do it when they're in their teens too, at least it'll keep them at home instead of gallavanting the streets with I dunno which friends.

It took her a long time before she dares to stroke its head. And then she keeps asking us to put it back in the enclosed area.
Che-che adores the dog

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