Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is a backdated entry, I'm really tired and exhausted to write.

The kids had so much fun. The rain did dampen the mood, we made our way back to the carpark for the childrens' dinner. By then it stopped raining and we (KZ, the children and myself) made our way back there again while brother, SIL and mom went back home.
I wanted to see if the nicely decorated home is done up again this year; che-che wanted to go again; KZ wanted to have a look again.
We managed to collect some more sweets.. now what am I gonna do with all those sweets? KZ suggested putting them in the pinata. Chey! She's so bad.... well I normally 'donate' to my lovely siblings.

Photo time :
At home - had to leave house much earlier coz' of mei-mei's rehearsal. I feel so out of place wearing this dress to the auditorium (where rehearsal was held).

Presenting Mrs Devil Universe 2009
Taking the first walk as a newly crowned devil
The devil accomplice - heehee! She was suppose to be a vampire and then she wanted this as well.. it's a good thing I bought 2 headbands and 2 pitchforks. Otherwise I'll turn myself into a vampire and suck her blood!!
The cutest pirate I've ever seen. Ahem......and with a milk bottle (+ diapers) too!
This year I was a little smarter by bringing food for the children and packing bread and drinks for myself. Brought a stroller along too.. though handy but troublesome when you're going from house to house.

Ahoy mate! I found you!!

Part 2 - didn't get to see the nicely decorated house (prob family went back home?). But saw this black cat who was on the roof a year ago on the car now.

The children were sad when I told them we had to leave. They wanted more sweets (I didn't want more sweets coz' I always end up donating them away). Came back exhausted, scrubbed ourselves and changed into clean clothes.
And the children poured everything out to show daddy

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