Friday, October 30, 2009

No time!

Can't wait for exams to be over so I clear all the backlog of blog entries.
I am so busy as if I'm running a conglomerate. Truth is, I'm not! I'm not PAID FOR MY JOB!!!!! This job sucks!
Not only do I need to clear backlogs, I haven't done anything about organising the photos according to months and then start transferring them to hard disk. I've said this for the longest time already. Sigh.........

By then, it'll be me "ignoring mei-mei" again? Coz' I don't have much time to do much in the time they're both in school. I feel so bad for not doing much with her for the past 3 weeks. Really gotta thank KZ for her help in guiding her in her homeworks. And my girl actually asked me for it "mummy, I want to 读书读书 (study)"

I've already put che-che's P1 books aside. Hee! Or perhaps I can throw them away since she don't need them anymore and most textbooks can't be passed down to mei-mei. By then there might be changes in their syllabus and also the textbooks do have some questions inside. With all the scribbling, how to pass to mei-mei? I need to tidy up their room too!

Someday during the school hols, I'm going to tidy up (throw) the storeroom with KZ's help. Stayed here coming 7 years, I'm sure I do have alot of junks stashed in there. Goash! Sounds like my whole house is in a mess.

I've got another 2 or rather 3 missions to accomplish.
Those are :
1) I've volunteered to help out in che-che's school for her concert. Duh! Lagi no time!!
2) BD celebration in school. Yup! The school allows for celebration in P1. Gotta do baking and pack the goodie bags
3) BD celebration at home. She's lucky that she has a celebration with her friends this year (when mei-mei don't get it)coz' daddy needs to defer the next module as he needs to travel. Lucky girl! Hmm.... unfortunately we are keeping really small this year coz' the house can't accomodate too many (walking past guests sitting on the floor). She gets to choose her guest list. So my apologies if those who are reading this and are not invited. Well, take it that you get to save $$ by not buying her a birthday present.

Okay, I better drop the idea of a Christmas party too! I'll be too exhausted to live through the next CNY!!


Shannon's Mummy said...

Buzy mummy .. :P

Lily Ann said...

Yeh...and I haven't even got time to do proper planning for party. Argh!!!!