Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our walkabout on Friday morning

We were like sore thumbs sticking out in that place as we made our walkabout in the morning.

Gave che-che a break from her work & the preparation for her upcoming PHD (aka SA2). She was really excited when she saw me making the turn into East Coast, "I know bring me to the birthday party place right?" Thinking that KFC might be opened in the morning for breakfast - oh boy! I was wrong. Only Carl's Jnr, Dimsum Delights and OldTown is opened. Nah! It's either not my choice place or her place.

We walked to the beach (erh.......we didn't step on the sand hor?!), she was happy just standing at the pavement and claimed so loudly "I come to East Coast Park." Suaku! Anyway I live in a suaku ulu place ... and I don't even go to Punggol Beach at all. (yes there's a beach here).
Mummy's hungry and told her to have our breakfast first before strolling along the beach. Asked if she wanted to walk to Macs or we'll drive down. "Walk! I want to walk!!" Kept hinting to her that it's quite a distant away. "walk, walk!" - sic (mummy's lazy lah! + it's hot)

We attracted alot of attention, people smiled at us - not because we were super stars or MPs making their walkabout - but mainly because we were obviously not dressed accordingly. Haha! I was in my heels and carrying my handbag. Athena was in a dress and proper shoes. We weren't exercising; we merely got locked out from our house and slept in the beach for the night.
Eventful walk! I hated the dirt getting on my open toes shoes, I kept my cool and then che-che started complaining "sand went in; grass went in; my feet is dirty etc.." We took a longer walk coz' we stopped quite alot of times for che-che to remove her shoes to kick out the sand etc...

The beach is not our kind of place. We're too pampered already, we only want airconditioned place.

End of the day, she felt a sense of achievement. I was exhausted coz' it was so bloody hot.

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