Thursday, October 8, 2009

Innocent comments

I wonder if my girl is really smart....this is shown by her recent comments which got me laughing.

(1) Watching the History Channel. It was about war. She started talking about Japanese starting war in Singapore and that they were very bad.
But the document was on US bombing Hiroshima.........and then she said "Japan have war, very bad country. USA have war in Japan, also very bad country.

(2) Tsunami : We passed by Sengkang Swimming Complex and she commented she wanted to learn swimming. (I was so happy when I heard that) "I learn swimming so when there's tsunami I can swim."
I explained that even the best swimmer will not survive in a tsunami. And for that, she has to learn how to hold her breath for a long time.

Such funny and innocent comments she made


The Chengs said...

Have her learn surfing then. ;-) But wise to know how to swim b4 surfing, yah?

During the recent tsunami at Samoa, surfers survived. Maybe divers would too - they did during the tsunami in Indonesia .

Lily Ann said...

Oh yes! Good suggestion. Lemme ask the girl if she dares to surf.