Monday, October 12, 2009

Exhausted - part 2

Day 4 - 12th Oct
Oh boy! I'm so glad it's the last day of this afternoon session arrangement. She sulked again last night wanting to accompany me in the morning. I lied to her this morning that I tried to wake her up but she didn't hear me and I left the house.

When I got home, she was doing her work. She was so co-operative this morning. Didn't have to keep nagging at her to hurry finish her lunch and take her shower etc... She asked me to tie up her hair (which is so short), had so many strands dropping.

We left home much earlier, at 11.43pm I was already in the car. Drove slowly to school and told her that in the evening time when she gets back home, she'll have to hurry up with her dinner, shower and homework before she sleeps. And she has to sleep early for next day's morning session. (Actually she has been sleeping at the usual time.)

Mei-mei's home and she's too sleepy to do anything. Let her sleep while I blog and surf. Woah! This is luxury!! Haha! Hope she sleeps in longer than I'll be lazing the whole day today.

Hey! I do need this once in a while right?


The Chengs said...

I somehow feel v tired these 2 days... and i'm not even the one who took psle!

Lily Ann said...

I can imagine how tired you were.

Your kids are smart, don't worry.