Friday, November 20, 2009

The 2 (ahem 3) hiatus weeks

I can't believe this!! This must be my record-breaking for going MIA.

Been too busy to blog since I was preparing che-che for her PHD. And was trying hard to backlog all entries and my entries don't seem to move as fast as I had wanted. Gradually preparing birthday stuffs. It's really last minute work! I hate this!! But I love planning birthday parties. (I'm crazy coz' I like to do it but I complain) If only I have 4 pairs of hands, 4 brains (weirdo!)

Been really tired, it's either a sign of aging or I'm falling sick. I can't seem to keep my eyes open past 11pm.
Thinking that things might look better the week after che-che finished her PHD when I'm not going to do anything with the kids in the afternoon but little girl suddenly developed fever on Sunday afternoon. And nobody noticed it when they were all at home. I came back from my facial, she runs to me to hug me. That moment I touched her and took out the thermometer - 39.4. ?!?! What the @#$% were they doing??

The days that followed was worrisome, on Monday I had to bake for che-che's birthday celebration in school. Walking to and fro checking in her; screaming at her. Yes! My girl was still so active and start to jump; dance; run about. I know it's good, it's a sign that she's 'not that sick to lie in bed' but the concern I had was that with all the jumping around she might raise up her own body temperature. When it spiked, have to make sure I bring it down properly and patiently. That 2 scary incidents lingered in my mind, I'm really thankful it never happened since.

Bakes :
Just in case you might be wondering why I baked so advance, I realised the pound cakes tasted better after a few days in the fridge. And I'll have to re-bake another batch next week.

The Little Mermaid cups were cute but the dark coloured cakes did some injustice to them

Buttercream was prepared on the same day. Mixer was working real hard today. Smooch smooch my lovely mixer.

Tuesday - 10th
Che-che's dismissed from school at 10am. Since mei-mei wasn't in school we hang around Mcs to wait for che-che. I brought the 2 of them to the sinseh for their follow-up.
Feels great to be home so early, by the time I finished washing the car it was only close to 1pm.

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday and I want to do something for him. I was so gung-ho and want to try to do jelly as a cake for hubby. But to do the wordings in one flavour and then refrigerate it, and do another portion is really tiring. Not within one day!

My first attempt in Guilinggao (Guilinggao is hubby's favourite) agar agar leads to failure. The book says boil until the guilinggao melts. Shucks! I see the water level going lesser but it never melt. While trying that, her fever came back again... so I wasn't in the mood to do anything else except to be with her. Not that I'm heartless and don't care about him hor... I did but my girl's more important. It was a little too hard for a jelly (yah lor... boil until water level goes down), junked it. (will try again next time) When mei-mei's fever went down, left home to buy him a cake. Hee!

Mei-mei asked me for du-shu again when I reached home. I've got weird kids huh? She was ready for me even before I was ready for her.?!?!
For her Chinese, she became a duck. Put on webbed feet on her and moved along. Che-che's godma gave her a 'duck' blower from Ducktours so let her try that. Mei-mei had great fun in doing that. It's a good sign, she recognises words that I've taught her using those books & audio. But when I flash GD's flashcards (as in words not taught using the China materials) she can't read for me though I had been flashing the words consecutively.

After her lesson, her fever went up again. Did a suppository, at first she resisted then she quietly stay still for me. She continued yakking though she was hot. Sigh........and there I was telling her to close her eyes and relax. She then said "I fevor ; mummy put medisin in backside" Baby baby I want you to get well faster. I don't want to give you so much medications.

Celebrated hubby's birthday in the night. Athena made a card for daddy, which we thought looked the same as what she drew last year (pic of her and daddy. Her hair is very long and she has a tiara)
My lil' girl is still so cheery (despite the fact that her fever's on a roller coaster ride)
Decorated the cupcakes in the night while she was fast asleep. I finished within 30-40 mins. Coloured buttercream; piped and put in the picks. I left 4 without decos but with picks (for those who can't take buttercream)
Quite disappointed with the purple colour... looked more like brown to me. Too tired to do anything, I crawled to bed

Wednesday - 11th
Was contemplating if I should go to che-che's school, I worry about mei-mei. In the morning, her temperature was low at 37.4. KZ assured me she'll take good care of mei-mei. I must admit she loves mei-mei and I'm sure she'll try her best to take care of her but I feel like I'm a bad mummy. I went off and said I'd call every hour and to call me anything crops up.

Dry run for Concert. I thought many mummies would volunteer in che-che's class. They needed at least 10 for each class, there were only 5 of us. And ...... our girls' item has to be the hardest/challenging, the costumes the hardest. Argh! Cheographer promised he'll ask the assistants to assist us first- we're the TOP PRIORITY!! Woah!
Our girls' item? Ballet which means tights have to be tight, leotard fitted nicely, hair bunned up. I think no problem since I used to bun my hair before. It's only those girls with short hair and .. hair like Athena's :mid-length but thick!!!

I didn't bring camera, didn't even think about it. Ai yah! How would I think about it when my mind was only on mei-mei.

She didn't have any fever for the whole day. Yippee! Tomorrow I shall let her skip school since she just break her fever, and she can accompany us to che-che's school.

I was taking some things out from my wardrobe's top shelf and saw my kebaya. Tried it on and ........

I look so pale (and dead) in this picture. Can go back to the friendly skies??

So happy! Can finally fit the top, used to have problem zipping it up (which I'd like to think it's becoz' my assets has grown bigger - hahaha! Of course not!) As for the bottom half, I can zip up halfway. Like what G said, after being a mother of 2 with hips bigger it's impossible to fit back old pre-pregnancy clothes. So I should be glad that I've managed to lose my size. *jumping in jubilation*

Thursday - 12th
Schedule for the day :
Home - school - home - breakfast/rest -school - home - school - Shichida - Berries - home.

At che-che's school, some kids saw mei-mei waiting at the gate with KZ while I parked the car. They commented "this girl's so cute... come play with us" and they were leading her to the swing. I came into the school compound just then and explained that we needed to get to the canteen so might do it later. KZ told me she asked mei-mei to call che-che, her reply was "so many che-ches"

Baked 42 cuppies (1 1/2 portion of recipe). Some absentees + (blur me) vegetarians + some don't like cake = 22 extras. Told FT her share is inside and if she could help to give to the teachers coz' I do not want to bring them home with me. FT left while we helped the kids clean and pack (I brought along small ziploc bags for them to put in their picks & told them to wash at home) their picks. Another 1-2 girls asked for 2nd helping. Other kids from other classes came along and asked for cuppies, gave it to them. Some of her classmates were eyeing on the picks and asked for extras. I obliged, KZ was so bad to reject them until I told her it's okay. Otherwise we get kids crying..... In the end, only around 15 were left for the teachers - pickless. Heehee!

Very rushing. Can't expect much coz' it's done during recess time. The only time they're allowed to celebrate in school - only in P1. Passed the goodie bags to FT to distribute in class later.

When recess time was over, the girls went to assemble in the courtyard. Mei-mei started to shed tears and asked for "I want che-che". Ah?!? They fight over everything; everywhere; anytime; everytime and now she wants che-che??

Goodie bags for the children

5 items inside which is considered a quite okay amount of goodies to give to the kids. Coz' must think I'm dealing with 30 kids (not 10 kids where I can pamper with more goodies). + not easy to get Ariel stuffs in Singapore - unless I don't keep to any theme then it's easy.

Anyway, che-che came home and told me. "mummy I heard someone say 'so little?' when she open the goodie bag." Ai yoh! If this 5 items is considered little, then what was their reaction when once a girl gave only 3 items (1 pencil and 2 small heart shaped chocolates in a big goodie bag)?? Wah! The kids these days are so pampered. Actually that's not what I'm so bothered about, I'm very concerned when it somewhat confirm that kids are opening up their goodie bags and eating them without their parents knowledge in school. No no nothing to hide from their parents but becoz' the first time I gave them the small Children's Day goodie bag, I was lucky I load it with more healthier snacks and saw them opening in school. I thought it'll be better to cut down the snacks/sweets on my own part for che-che's goodie bag. Since I have a girl who tends to develop phlegm easily, I am more wary and always asks parents for any allergies/food restrictions if they leave their child unattended in my place for playdates. Then as a mother, it's my only right to restrict or better still 'don't display it out' to entice the kids.

Hubby called, mei-mei managed to speak to daddy for a short while when he had to end the call. She started to tear, it wasn't that kind of loud outburst cry but the 'extremely sad look'; sobbing quietly and wiping her tears away and then she said "I wan to talk to daddy...I wan to call daddy." We managed to convince her to have her dinner first before calling daddy. Luck's not on our side, can't get hold of him. She was sad and then cried while sleeping.

Friday - 13th
Mei-mei suddenly develop slight fever in the evening last night. So today I didn't bring her in to school. Brought her to PD, checked with her flu vaccination as well. Can't do it now since she's not well. Will have to see her at next follow-up (next Friday)
Sigh..........worry sick about that lil' girl. Called K to inform her that I'll be slightly late for the full-dress rehearsal. Asked KZ to follow me, was first in queue and came out within 20 mins. Girl given antibiotic coz' said fever was persistent for a week already.
After the visit, I dropped KZ off at the nearby bus-stop for her to catch a bus home.

Called home almost every hour to check on mei-mei.

Rehearsal - it's suppose to be full dress rehearsal but the girls didn't even tie up their hair. Cheographer didn't say anything about the hair and the girls didn't even put on their tights?!?!

Our little ballerinas made us proud. Showed che-che the video, pointed out to "smile" and "turn the correct direction" - she was the only one who turned the wrong side and stood out from the rests (well at least in my eyes coz' I was eyeing on her!!)

I thought it'll be nice to get the kids something to reward them for their work on 18th - Concert Day.
While che-che was in her LW class, I walked around PP. Checked with Famous Amos, wanted them to pipe "WELL DONE, EM1" on the large cookie. I'm charged a different fee and it's not individually packed. Close to $4 per cookie. I'm too tired to bake anything for the kids. I gave u the idea about the cookies and thought that I should just pack snacks in. Cannot think what to do already. Bought stickers and small hairclips.

Saturday - 14th
Promised che-che that I'll let her stay at mom's place for the weekend. Drove her over and at the same time picked up all the barang barangs that I need (children's table/chair, deep fryer).

On my way home, I stopped by NTUC to buy the snacks.

Good thing che-che is out of the house, mei-mei is more obedient alone. I managed to print, make tags, pack goodie bags, tagged bags within one day. My buttocks hurt; my back's aching. Can't complain coz' I ASKED FOR IT!! While packing, mei-mei can ask me "mummy, you peck googy bag? Is this mine? I give googy bags to my friends?" Wow! only 3 yrs-old and she seems to know about googy bags (when during che-che's time - she can tell me "mummy, Ms C give me present " } which was the goodie bag I had painstakingly prepared )

Mei-mei came to me in the room "mummy I want to study..." Obliged her with only the flashcards segment and she was happy. Duh! Then resumed the rests of my 'factory work'

Today too, I tagged the goodie bags for the birthday party.

Rewards for the kids in her class : considered little but I can't manage anymore things. Was lugging too many things home on Saturday.

Sunday - 15th
Che-che came home from mom's place with alot of barang barangs. She was most happy with a Disney Princess trolley bag which she says she's going to use it for P2 next year. Mei-mei was jealous and kept pulling che-che's bag. And then as you guessed it, they both fought over the bag.

Monday - 16th
Hubby called in the evening, mei-mei complained to him "daddy I wan car bag (trolley bag). Daddy buy for me. mama (grandma) buy che-che bag never buy for me; I don't have bag."

Tuesday - 17th
Hubby came back late in the night while children were sleeping. I saw the nice luggage bag her bought for her. It was a Disneyland Minnie Mouse bag. We woke her up to show her the present and she was so happy; kept pulling the bag.
I forsee trouble the next day so told KZ to hide away from che-che first. Otherwise she'll turn black and then affect her.

Wednesday - 18th
The mummies worked well together. There was a last rehearsal before the concert. And since the pressure was on us, we managed to bun up some girls' hair for the rehearsals unlike some other classes who seem to lax and nothing was done to the girls appearance.
It was tiring (climbing up/down the stairs countless times); dressing and undressing etc..
I must really stress on this but we really worked well together. During the rehearsal, 3 mummies were scruntinizing the girls and came to a concensus that the SQ wayang style make-up looks obvious on stage. We all went along with it. Soon one mummy had to re-do all the madeup girls and make up the rests of the girls with the same colour.
I was working on the hair prior to rehearsal. Their hair were hard enough to kill a housefly!! Hairgel seems to be FOC. We then worked on our 6 girls dressing. I had one girl who was so skinny!! I tried to tighten her tights with tapes on her sole until I gave up. Asked her "are you standing infront or behind?" "Behind" Chey! don't bother already!! She was that skinny?! Had to pull the tights all the way up until can't pull up; tug tights to I dunno where.

End of the whole thing, K gave out the bags and said it's from me. I defended that sentence and said it's from every mummy in the room. When che-che got home she questioned me on lying. "I know you pack the bags, it's from you why you say it's from the other mummies?" No wonder I kept overhearing her telling her friends "quickly wear, if not later my mummy will not give you goodie bag." Haha! She's very lorsoh.

*entry is still incomplete. Will complete with photos + the rests of the entries when I'm back. So tired now, early flight to catch tomorrow*

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