Sunday, October 19, 2014

Off to Bangkok!

We went off for a well-deserved break during the marking days - 14th to 18th Oct

Lil' one went with us although she has her exams. I brought a few papers for her but we didn't do much while we were there. We were out everyday. Hotel location is superb! Right opposite Siam Paragon and the whole stretch of malls. However we are not the shopping type, we have far too many clothes and stuffs. The only thing we shopped hard for - was this cheapo face foundation cream that mom uses. Many shop owners shake their head when I show them the packaging, a few of them even commented "long time ago". Haha! Goes to show how ancient mom is. In the end, we found it but had to make two other trips before we could get the whole box of 24. 

I planned on sightseeing for this trip coz mei-mei didn't do any sightseeing during her previous trip in June, also the last time che-che went to BKK was about 8-9 years back.

Photos have been uploaded in my photo album. Enjoy!   

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