Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tickets booked!

Yay! Tickets to BKK booked for a short break on PSLE Marking Days.

Tickets booked too for November to Shanghai. It's going to be a long trip for us. Ironically 3 weeks can take us to Europe or USA but we end up somewhere closer. Sigh.... Actually I'm dying for a trip to Holland. So tempted to bring the girls there. 
Anyway, we're going to Tokyo in between the Shanghai trip. The girls wanted to go Hokkaido again, I wanted to go Onsen but I think I'll have a big problem especially if I'm not that familiar with the place and need to read the map.. and its snowing blizzard there! Don't take the risk so decided Tokyo. 
Actually I thought maybe we can go Moscow from Shanghai (8hrs + flight).  Haha! Of course I didn't tell hubby this. Can't read; can't speak Russian one woman dragging two girls along is very dangerous. 
Have intention of signing them up for any short classes in Shanghai to immerse them in Chinese. 

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