Thursday, July 16, 2009

think think think

I'm getting lazy and tired. In 2 months' time, mei-mei will be 3 and another 2 months' later - che-che's birthday.

I haven't done anything except to get the online purchases for mei-mei's classmates in MMI. I want to give her a party (to be fair to her) but I'm so tired. You know how I'd prefer to bao-ga-liao everything just coz' I didn't want people to earn my money and I like that personal touch. (yah yah as if the kids will know)

It's always the venue problem. Use PIL's place function room, gotta go all the way to Jurong. Then it means I also gotta leave early to do decorations and I need all the manpower to help me coz' I need to put up decorations fast. Use our place, can do decorations slowly day by day but it means our place a mess after that. Source outside, afterwards che-che sees green, then say she wants too. And all these don't come cheap!
After going to E's and V's BD party early this year, I thought it's easier to have 2 BDs in 1 party. But their BDs are one month apart, my 2 girls are 2 months apart.

Recently, che-che received a BD invite from her classmate. According to her, the whole class of 29 other girls were invited. Woah! That's alot. And then she 心癢癢 wants one for her classmates too, which I told her she's allowed to have it in school (only a cake and no favor boxes) this year. Still, it has to be celebrated in advance coz' her BD falls during the school hols.

Hmmm...................... think think think.

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