Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Parent-Teacher Meeting with her teacher today.

She is no longer the "best student I have..." as commented by her previous teacher who's since left. The truth is out. She behaves the same both in school and home, sharp loud voice in the school. Hmm.......don't wish to say anymore.

The funniest thing is her chinese teacher said her chinese is good when I told her she speaks funny. On the contrary, she feels that she's the best in pronouncing her words. Huh? She's speaking as compared to her peers.

Toilet training - they can't do it either!! She refuses to pee out so will have to wait until she's ready. It's good that she's small size so we can use the M size diapers longer. Ai yoh! Why is she like that?

Principal (owner) asked me how the PTM went, I explained to her. She says it's good that she don't have different behaviours. It also shows that she has great confidence of herself and there's no pretend "what you see is what you get". But then she does understand my point if that girl continues the same behaviour in primary school.

Aricia has this bad habit of not looking where she's going. She turns her head to see something behind and continue walking. Bang! Can't remember how many walls she walked into, she walked once into the dustbin. And another time in school, she wanted to walk into the classroom area, she didn't see where she was going and ended up in the room behind the counter. Sigh.....
that girl ah.....make me angry and make me laugh. tsk tsk

Okay okay I know kids have their moods too. Sometimes I'll tell her, "Aricia, 读书读书." (my way of saying I'm doing her home sessions & all the whatever activities we do with her) She'll rebel saying," I dowan 读书" then runs away. A while later she comes back and I ask her to bring her lion to 读书, she obeys. She then forces her lion to sit properly and make it seem like lion is the one 读书-ing. I don't mind as long as I have her attention.
The cute thing about her is she has to memorize LM - 50 cards in all. Depending on her mood, she recites to you nicely or she rebels. For example I have to prompt her with the full sentence of the story and she needs to tell me what the picture is, she'll just say "dowan cat", "dowan bus." etc.... when in actual fact she's already telling me the pictures are cat, bus. All 50 cards she does that. So if you think I'm long-winded, she is more long-winded than me.

No joke! Hear her sharp voice and her yakking all the time, screaming all the time wears me off. Sometimes I feel like just walking out of the house to give myself that break but I can't. I'll be thinking about the works both have to do; both will need me around.
When she sleeps, the house is quiet. Thank God! But then I still have that sharp voice ringing in my ears. Am I going insane? Not used to it? Perhaps!
Even mom who comes over to stay just 1 night can say she cannot tahan the screaming, noise during meal time and the sharp voice the whole day. Ever thought of how much I've been enduring?! Every day, every hour, every minute (except when she's sleeping & when I'm washing car)
Despite her being herself (though I really wish she can tone down a little), I love her all the same. Must drink more Red Bull to gear up for the more challenging years ahead!!

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