Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Singapore Post came in the evening, he was grinning at me. Can memorize my unit number liao!

I'm so happy, my things came. Expecting another lot from Japan, some アンパンマン DVDs for the children.

Today's presents :

Athena liked this horse- designed cake from the above book. Hmm.........I don't think I can do it leh.


Mel said...

*shrieks in delight even though not for me!*

Can email me the site, how much u paid, shipping and all that? I want the SAME things!

Next time u spree can jio me anot? *drools!*

Lily Ann said...

I got those items from my trusty Amazon.com

I shop on/off. Shipping ... eh... don't ask me, I spent quite alot of $$ on that.

Will keep you in mind. Sorry didn't inform you coz sometimes see already quickly click purchase.

Mel said...

I always worry I'd get a HUGE box that's 10% filled.

Lily Ann said...

Most of the time my box do come in 10% filled. Coz' when you buy from Amazon, it's taken from various places so sometimes you can get eg. 3 shipments for 3 or 4 items. Unless you order from a specialised merchant. I'm sure you can try to fill as much as you can.