Friday, July 17, 2009

Mad Mad Witchy Witch Witch

Today, I roped in KZ to help me bring Aricia home from school.

All becoz' of vanity!! There was a promotion for the laser thing to remove skin tags, oil clots, milia etc.... the one which they told me $10 for 一粒 before. $299 I get to do my whole face, why not? I have lots on my face. It's not painful, which beautician say I'm the only person so far who have such good pain threshold. I told her the eyebrow tattoo which I did years ago was not painful too, though the woman kept poking me alot of times coz' my skin can't absorb the colour fast. But I hate the chao-tar smell.......... told her with my fats + removing alot of my oil clots, I feel like I'm a 烧肉.

I came out looking like a leprosy woman, people looked at me.... Che-che says I look like Strawberry Shortcake.

Worst still >> S, che-che's buddy (our clashes) didn't talk to me for the first time. Today, was a rare chance for me to see her outside the gate. I smiled and wave at her, she looked at me didn't know who I was until che-che came out from the gate. She must have thought I'm a witch coz' I do look damn ugly. Hee!
Won't post any photos here coz' I prefer to scare you right infront of you. Heehee!

All because of vanity......... I want to look pwetty and be the next Mrs Singapore. Hahaha! Okay, I'm kidding about this last part coz' I can't make it lah....

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