Sunday, July 12, 2009

H1N1 - what's the fuss now?

I don't mean to sound cynical/insensitive over this issue. H1N1 is endemic within our communities, anyone can simply get it without stepping out of the country. Since it displays the same signs and symptoms as flu, it can be disregarded as the normal flu. Chinese will cite the sudden change of weather as one of the reason.

Suddenly I don't get paranoid over the fact that hubby might come back with the swine flu and infect the whole lot of us (of course che-che will be very happy coz' she'll be quarantined the whole week from school). I always tell him "be careful" whenever he leaves the country. These few times now, he'd look at me and say "be careful for what? Singapore also have?"

Where is the control? Honestly, not many people practice social responsibility. Take hubby for instance, he comes back from a listed country on Tuesday, goes to office on Wednesday & Thursday, flies off to another listed country on Friday. He has to work!! How to self quarantine? And everyone else have to work.

Recently, I had a scare myself. I developed flu-like symptoms. I checked against the list, wah piang eh.........if only I can strike lottery so accurately! I went to the nearest PPC thinking they are more resourceful as compared to other clinics. I was the only suay one to have fever, and so I was given a mask (the one and only) and sent out of the clinic. So depressing. Turned out that it was due to a sore throat, no need for antibiotics but there was no reason to substantiate for my runny nose. Still, I was expecting that a PPC can help to run tests alongside polyclinic. They couldn't and according to the doctor "unless you're prepared for all those traumatic experience. Ambulance, take temperatures, tests and tests and tests." Nah! I'm not prepared, the way he put it across to me scared the shit out of me. And no follow up from the clinic?? See whether I'm dead or in ICU or alive and screaming at my kids. So what's the purpose of going all the way to a PPC??

No need to fuss about anything, schools are still conducting their checks. But they won't close the whole school.

As for now, I'm only paranoid if my kids put their hands into their mouths after touching things outside. I bring a sanitizer along with me. Worst is you get the flu without any warning (eg. people sneeze or sniff, we still can avoid them).

No cause for alarm though, it's only those with underlying health conditions who will have to play extra caution.

I wish everyone good health.

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