Friday, July 24, 2009

Racial Harmony Day II

Che-che's school requested all students to either wear "your ethnic costume" or home clothes today.

Che-che was so excited coz' she asked to wear her Yukata 浴衣 . Ehh.........she's not Japanese but who cares!! If Aricia can wear the Ao Dai, why can't she? Moreover this is like the only chance she can wear it.

At the school gate...........noticed nobody's as dressed up as her. To match the Yukata, she has to wear the wooden shoes (so worried that she'll fall in school. Asked KZ to help me pack a pair of shoes for her in the bag but she forgot. Thank goodness nothing happened in school)


Unknown said...

Waaa so nice! Very pretty!

Lily Ann said...

Thanks! But I think thru the day, the yukata got more untidy. Hee!

M said...

Wah the yukata's very fancy! My girl has one that really looks much plainer.