Friday, July 10, 2009

Athena's school

My girl has been in the school for half a year now, seems like a really long time to me. Think think think... another 5 1/2 more years to go + Aricia's another 4 years after that. Goash! A decade!!

These 6 months can be really interesting too! I hear funny things from my girl when she tells me what happened in school etc...

Let's start with the beginning :
Around the second week of school, when PE commences. I get a "panting" girl coming into the car. Her cheeks were red, hair messy. And then she tells me "mummy today I have PE. We play. *pant pant*" - though I think her panting is not from PE.
Then the following week, the P1s start with their gym enrichment on Fridays. And the girl told me while I was driving,"wah.....mummy gym very difficult leh. Even more difficult than PE. I cannot leh..."
Me : why?
She : *shrugs shoulders*
Me : Why? Is it because you have to roll forward?
She : *nods her head*
I burst out laughing, my girl is too pui pui cannot roll. Heehee!

And after the long June hols, first day of school... she complained to me that her leg was painful after her Dance. Tuesday, she told me she couldn't do PE. She told her FT and she sat down.
What do you think the reason was? Never exercise enough lor...

Since Day 1, she has this habit of looking like she's ready for War in the mornings- she can't be bothered to neaten up her pleats (and I had to tell her until I get frustrated). And when I pick her up in the afternoons, she just came back from the battlefield. Very untidy! *slap head*
She has this funny habit of pulling up her skirt so that she'll sit on her panty and not her skirt or dress. Likewise, she does that every morning. And most of the time, I see a girl with the back pinafore shorter than the front (sometimes revealing her panty) walking through the gate.scuba diving at Stoney CoveHow to stop the car and shout to her to pull down her pinafore? Hmmm... I'm sure the teachers will tell her when she's inside. But imagine almost every morning she gives a free show of her pink panty to the fathers/mothers in other cars. Heehee!

I'm so proud of my girl, she is rather helpful. When her friends' fall, she goes to help them. But a sad thing is, when she fell recently she said nobody helped her (well her reason was coz' no one was with her at that time). Nonetheless I felt really sad.. I mean my daughter leh...
I've been telling my girl to help, to be gracious. But for some favor not to be returned back, it feels awkward.

Her friends
She has countless friends. She makes friends with other children in other classes, and I feel sad when she tells me that she goes to say Hello to my classmate's daughter in another class and that girl couldn't remember her. sob sob....
However she has a really good friend in her class, that girl seems to like her and stick with her all the time. The only thing is >> that girl,S, is well-known to be the naughty girl. As a parent, I worry if mixing with her will make my girl turn naughty. But I can't be telling her not to friend her, so I tell her not to learn everything from her. I didn't know that they were that very close until the playdate when her friends were surprised that 'her buddy was not invited'. "Her buddy?!?"

S, I've been hearing the countless of naughty things she does in school. And how the FT scolds her. And there were 2 occasions when that girl gave my girl money. Once was 70 cents. The next time she gave she increased the amount to $4. Wah piang much money does that girl bring to school daily?? We must have look poor to her, that she keeps giving che-che money. Of course we returned her money back the next day.
At that time too, she kept saying that "my mother is crazy. Everyday play computer."
She also asked che-che if she can go to the same secondary school as her next time. Hmm......she loves my girl so much!! And last week, she asked che-che the same question again. Che-che didn't know how to answer her. I had to teach her to answer her diplomatically. Well, if it's meant that they're going to be good friends for life, I think it'll be great. Well.........who knows what happens years down the road? They fall out? Maybe one of them is gifted and goes to another school? Maybe things change when they're in secondary school?

Months later, I learnt that her mother is not crazy as what she claims. Her mother is not a gaming addict but a LAWYER!! Both parents are lawyers. I laughed at how the way things turn out to be. And of course I get to understand that the girl, S, is infact a very smart girl. and very eloquent. Which I can't attest to it. Coz' when I greeted her, she blinked her eyes and turned her head away from me. (our clashes) When I told this to the other parents during the playdate, they laughed at me saying that they were never treated this way. Duh!

Rubber bands
One fine day, she brought home rubber bands belonging to her classmate who loaned it to her. My childhood memories flooded back... playing zero point /ye-ye at the courtyard next to the canteen. I asked her to play, she saw how I played and said that's not what they play. They use it to play "snake" and "laundry". When she explained to me how the game is played, I found it hilarious. What kind of game is that?
I remember a classmate and I agreed that we were smarter than the kids now, we invent games coz' there weren't that many toys available then... and our parents couldn't afford them too. Now it's proven!

Anyway, I showed her how we used to play. And oh boy! I tell you I used to be able to jump across without touching the rubber band. Now I can't do it, old already cannot jump across properly. Wah piang eh.... I even got my toes in it. ?!?! LOL. Really funny! I kept laughing at myself.

And must admit I'm very old coz' the words they say when they play those clapping games sound really funny.

"Hamburger x2, ham x3
Tomato, cheese
Coconut, chess! (scissor, paper or stone)"
What's the connection between the hamburger and the coconut and chess?!?!

We used to go "ping pong, ping pong, ping ping pong. Zuo shui you shui ....."

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