Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aricia II

When I picked the girl up from school, Teacher A told me she was bitten by a child in her class earlier. Apparently the 2 of them were fighting for the same chair, the child resorted to biting. I didn't ask who won the fight or who eventually sat on the chair. My first question was "is she one of the child Aricia bullies?"

Just then another mother came to pick her son (from older class) up and looked at us when Teacher A and myself were talking, Teacher A simply commented "she's so bossy...(referring to my girl)" and smiled. In that situation, she was lightening up our conversation but that mother was so serious siah! She turned to look at Aricia and asked "who? she? she's bossy? So young?" then she began to scruntinize my girl. I tried to make a joke and commented "ah..... not me! I'm not like that!!" Stupid woman don't understand it's a joke and her tone sounded serious, "how old is she?" (continue to scruntinize my girl) When Teacher A replied, that idiot - I feel like slapping her - commented "so small size, 3 yrs old?" Normally I don't mind people when they comment my girl is small size but I didn't like that woman's tone...... I don't take it positively. She gives me the impression that she's a very yim-jim person.

Anyway, to the part where she is brave enough to boss the submissive ones and smart enough to keep away from the bigger size/or she thinks are fiercer than her children - I feel happy that she's able to stand for her rights. Yet on the other hand, I do not want to raise a big bully.......I do not want to be called back to the Principal's office & the fear of her being expelled from school next time.

Then again.......since she's extremely naughty, this girl is really very very smart.
1. At this age, she knows how to "lie" Eg. asks me permission to eat something, I say no. Walks outside, KZ asks her what's my answer, she says "mummy say yes". When I question her later, she looks down on the floor - guilty as charged - and gives a sheepish smile

2. She takes her diapers to wear, realised no more diapers in the drawer. I asked her "oh no! No more diapers!!" She looked at me for3 seconds and then ran to her schoolbag. She took out a diaper for me and tell me "there? I have diaper!!"

3. Maybe this is the 2nd child syndrome. She learns to 'tell tales'. Tells her teacher "Teacher you and so never eat finish her lunch. I eat finish (shows her bowl).

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