Saturday, July 18, 2009


Started with baking on Thursday. Decided to try a basic Madeira, a firmer textured cake, which is suitable for sugarpaste icing.
I have no idea how much the cake would rise and since I didn't have a smaller pan, my cake turned out flatter. I also cut down alot of sugar considering the amount of sugar in the fondant.

Tired of the buttercream and I'm so inspired (but untalented) by Mel that I must copy her. Kekeke. So on Friday I prepared a double-portioned fondant.Trying everything for the first time in a slightly bigger cake... the designs in the books were so tempting but yours truly is so ... lazy; no patience; no time; so useless.

Saturday - You know that feeling when you feel like gearing up to do something with the big wow factor. And then you're hesitant coz' skills not good, then you gotta handle the kids. Duh!

Covering the cake seems so easy on books/videos (didn't do buttercream to spread on cake to do as adhesive. Lazy style - use Kaya spread. Heehee!) I cannot do it, I tried to lift up quite often to spread icing sugar on the table while rolling out, but as it gets bigger it gets more difficult. So many times it got stuck on table. When I estimated the size and think I'm ready to splat it on the cake, I had to ask KZ to quickly bring the cake to me (not enough work space coz' che-che was doing her work there as well) - as if I was doing a really BIG cake!!!

Very messy!
Aricia requested for balloons so it was too easy for me. I decided then to try to do a little girl. I thought I'd try a flat fondant design instead first. This design is from my book. Very easy for a dummy beginner. In this picture, the girl is holding onto flowers but I changed it to balloons.
The messy restricted working space
Used the edible pens to draw the strings. Didn't want to roll or to cut my scrapbooking ribbons.
Chose to surround the cake with ribbon coz' I was getting cross-eyed and needed to do a cover up for the messy sides

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