Thursday, July 16, 2009


I couldn't help but overheard this short conversation between a couple while watching their kids play in the playground.
Conversation goes something like this : (all the time I can hear the woman's voice. No need to explain why I can't hear the man's voice)
Woman : "We go and see new condos. (flip papers) So many new ones now."
Man : (look at papers)
Woman : " We go and find. I want those with roof terrace upstairs, then I can have plants. I only want those kind, the rests I don't like."
Man : (I'm sure he was trying to say something but I just couldn't hear.)
Woman : (she stood up and walked away)
I'm shocked and maybe the husband was shocked too?! Perhaps he was thinking there goes his plans of early retirement.

That comes to remind me that a friend in property told me about the increasing number of people struggling to pay for their condos, they can't afford condos but want to hao-lian and now ending up with lawsuits.
So the rationale is to spend only what you can afford and no need for face-saving or pride when you can't hold on to it.

There's something which I learn when I was working in my previous job. Once I had a casual chat with my lady Director, and she was telling me that she didn't have any helper at all. No car too.....I was puzzled. I mean, a lady Director and her husband probably someone of the same position or higher position - two who earn a little more than some can simply afford these 2 but didn't want them. By then I realise the importance on humble living.
a)Some choose to live extravagantly but have to give up other perks eg. holidays, purchases.
b)Some choose to live simple and get to enjoy everything.
c)Some stinge to live simple, get to enjoy everything and have the future all planned for.

I chose b) when I was working. But after I stopped working and only having hubby supporting the whole household. I have to see what he prefers, hubby prefers to save save save. - (c) Even our plans of moving to the East has to be put on hold. He gave me a budget to work which I think it's damn ridiculous. I mean he can come out with another 100K on top of his current budget it'll be easier for me to look. Mom asked why, with his salary he can simply afford one immediately. But after being his wife for 8 years and knowing him for 12 years, I know he's one who will upgrade slowly and prefers to have $$$. Let's just say my man calculates his $ carefully.So now I can't be bothered to source for anything. Stay put in my ulu- Punggol and who knows may die in here too! Unless I wait for one day I strike lottery........haha! as if I buy lottery tickets!

Which category do you fall under?


Mel said...

No car, no helper, hit savings target... BUT the kids' classes cost more than our mthly home repaymt?!!! Which category is that?

Lily Ann said...

Should be (b)or (c)

Lily Ann said...

Should be (b)or (c)