Friday, June 19, 2009

Playdate for the IJ Princesses

This playdate was planned prior to end of the second term.

Invitation cards were given out about a week before the kids' hols starts, together with a note for the mummies/daddies as I do not have any of their contact numbers except for B's dad.

All the mummies were very prompt with their RSVPs, a date was set within a few days. At the same time I invited a girl in che-che's Berries class. Also an IJ girl, they are very good pals in class.
Athena was looking forward to it (ay! that girl looked forward to anything as long as she didn't need to study/practice piano)

16th June (Tuesday)
Cookies were baked till 2am. I like nice printed out cookies but .......that always take up alot of time. Athena helped a little with 3 cookies for daddy (seen in second picture on first row). Didn't want to wash up so many cookie cutters and kept to using one small tiara-shaped cutter instead. Used the lettering stamp to imprint names of the little children. After that was done, I went on to imprinting sight words on cookies. Hee!

Packed and everything was "wrapped up" at 2+am. *yawn*

17th June (Wednesday)
Was busy the whole day and I only found the time to make the buttercream in the late afternoon. By then I couldn't put in the butters, had to ask KZ to help me with it. Came back home to see my double portion buttercream .. reduced (??) She told me she put in the cubed butters one by one as instructed but had the walls; her hair; clothes splattered by buttercream. ?? sigh....... Lesson learnt, never leave things for her to do especially when it comes to baking coz' she really makes a 'mess' - yah! she gotta clean it up too! Anyway gotta thank her too otherwise I can't find the time to do it in the night when everyone else is sleeping and the mixer disturbs the quiet night.

18th June (Thursday)
Baked one batch of chocolate cuppies in the night. Was expecting 6 children (incl Athena) in total but M's mummy informed that she can't make it last minute.

The playdate's tomorrow. Looking forward to it too coz' I'll be meeting the parents of her classmates. Classmates who might be for many years to come?

19th June (Friday)
In the morning, we were thrilled with an unexpected delivery from M's mummy. A Care Bear jelly. The 2 kids were so happy, Aricia was saying "Haa ppi Ber day, sing Haa ppi Ber day song" and started clapping her hands.
The kids ran into their room to take out their 3 Care Bears. Haha! And this Birthday Bear? Aricia asked for it, I bought for her and then she didn't want it - so it became Athena's.
Snacks for the little children, this time round tried to get more healthier snacks. Consists of mini oreos, san-zhar, vegetable crackers, fruit strips (which I only realised I took the wrong one - sour - when I was putting them in the tray), milk candies, ribenas and I gave them a Butterfly pouch craft kit from my recent shipment.B first came at close to 12pm. Then A and I came along with their mummy. Lunch first then the baking starts. As usual, the kids will play in the room while the cuppies are baked. I like it using the cups too coz' it's faster. Imagine the last one we did, I used the thinner cupcake liners and had to put in muffin trays - and I can only do 6-12 in one bake setting. This time round, almost everything went in the same time.
Decorating their cuppies. Hmm.......most of them ended up having almost similiar colours.

Their final work of art.
Ashley's sweet pink purple-ish cuppies

Very impressed with Isabella's work, she used one of her cookie to put on the cupcake. And I understand what her mummy say about her being good in art. She is!

Athena's work. Ay.....that girl hor....... I don't like it when she acts so arrogant and too playful (pour the whole lot of colouring into her buttercream when she knows only one small dot of it is sufficient, I had to toss that bloody buttercream - yes, I mean bloody coz' she played with my red colouring) when she has her friends over. She was de-briefed after the playdate ended.

Amanda's cuppies - that girl is so shy. Heehee!

Bonita's works - you can really tell alot about a child through the things she do. I can see that Bonita is one very meticulous girl. She does it slowly but nice.

We finished at around 4+, snacks served. I prepared some tuna mayo sandwiches cut into triangles. Wanted to do bento but didn't have the time, plus I didn't want to eat so much scraps.
Served :
a) Tuna Mayo sandwiches. (I wanted to make ham sandwiches - thank goodness I didn't coz' we were overwhelmed with food)
b) Konnyaku
c) Breads - kindly sponsored by B's daddy
d) ice-cream - kindly sponsored by A's daddy
e) Huge jelly - kindly sponsored by M's mummy
f) fruit tarts
(I forgot to take out the Yakults and Milos)
What we didn't prepare in the end were the sotong balls, fish nuggets, sausages. Really! I had to let them bring home the above items as it is.

Aricia didn't sleep at all, which I was rather displeased with KZ coz' she could have come out to help me instead of pretending to ... and I didn't have the time to check on Aricia to realise that Aricia refused to sleep.
I reckon the reason why she didn't sleep was she wanted the jelly so much. The moment she came out, I hear her "jer ly, I want ......jer ly."
It wasn't a birthday celebration (eh.. actually today's 19th??-Aricia's birth month??) but since the kids were awed by that jelly and there were 2 candles we just did out of the norm thing by singing a birthday song to everybody. Haha! (B's daddy played the piano while we sang. Very nice! Of course lah, he used to teach in Yamaha and is a musician! I think my house needs this kind of nice music once in a while.)

Packed up the extras for all to bring home. I forgot to pack the konnyakus, which I was left with 2 packs of 7 inside the fridge.

Packed up snacks for the children, using the spare party loot bags from the previous years.

The friends left at 5+, Ashley stayed on a little longer to watch 12 Dancing Princess. When she's ready to go home, called her mummy to inform her.

The kids had an enjoyable time, Athena was debriefed in a room. (sigh)

The kids had their cuppies after dinner. Quality of the plain pound cake wasn't that good, turned soft on the top coz' the kids whisked too much.


M said...

I love all the ideas, hmm, maybe I'd use your Party Plan for Ahgirl's BD, hehe.

Lily Ann said...

It's really tiring, been doing this so many times but still find it exhausting.

M said...

COs ur playdate/ gatherings are like full-scale parties! :)

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