Sunday, June 14, 2009


Apologies for this superbly late entries and all the mass updates.ごめんなさい!

School hols - I'm suppose to be a little free than usual, but remains the same. The only difference is that I can sleep in a little longer. I leave the house at 8am now, bring her in at 8.25am. And 11.45am I leave the house to pick her up.
Che-che has some work to do, I bring her out for short outings. I have 2 playdates coming up, I can't seem to plan much during this hols - though it's a month long break. Coz' their enrichment classes are still on, therefore I don't have many free full days. Che-che hasn't met her friend A for quite some time already and honestly I have no idea if I can squeeze in a time for them.

Holiday Program - I normally don't sign che-che up for any holiday programs, this year however I noticed that Shichida offers a BrainChamp 3-day program. Sounds really interesting... dunno if that girl is willing to stay from 8.30am - 6pm without me around??

I do plan to bring them on a trip to the Zoo or maybe Bird Park ... nothing's really confirmed. You know that horrible feeling you have when you want to do so many things but you don't have enough time??

Goash! Prior to typing this entry, I had so many things in my mind which I told myself I need to blog it down. Now, I forgot what I need to blog. ?!?!? Ai yah! Don't care anymore!


Shannon's Mummy said...

Brain Champ! Hmmm.. I am going back to singapore in November.. Wondering there is any program by then... ;p

Lily Ann said...

The minimum age to join is 7, and they even had to ask me if Athena was trained in Shichida method as well.
I don't know if non-Shichida students have a disadvantage over Shichida student.
But .... the age is not suitable for Shannon.
Perhaps you might like to try others.
Will keep a lookout for you!