Friday, June 26, 2009

Playdate session 2 : Card-making

Playdate with her LCCC classmates, WT and J. Am sick and tired of baking, washing, the mess, greasiness in the house. Too much cake = hyperactive kids = rolly polly mummy.

So had to think of something for the kids to do. It's something made 2 months in advance - Teacher's Day card, hopefully by the time comes we remember where we left the cards. Haha!

Brought out my scrapbooking materials and when the kids came by, it was lunch then 'rock & roll time'.

Hmm...........turned out majority of the card-making was done by the mothers. Haha!

Photos for the day :-

She gave her friends, WT and J a card each
plus a small pack of cookies (baked by mummy on Wednesday afternoon)
plus ... some scraps from the HK cake. I used small cookie cutters & put some icing. A pity my icing is not done nicely coz' I was using the Wilton cookie icing (I didn't want to prepare from scratch coz' that's a huge portion) and that needs to be put in the microwave for heating - my hands were not spared from the hot icing. Ouch!
Another lazy method is to use the edible writing pens to write the childrens' names on the icing.

WT's mummy's work
My work!! Okay, give Athena some credit, she did paste the butterfly stickers nicely - so impressed with her. The first card on the left is incomplete coz' I want to put some wordings on it.
J's card. So sad.... I could only supervise her with one card. The other smaller card she was basically pasting stickers. Brother who was around, helped me salvaged the card by making a rainbow.
Our cards. We still have a few more cards to do. And .... was thinking if I should do for Aricia's school as well. Wah........headache leh! Spoil market!!
The kids ended up playing in the room

Then, I remembered something >> A US friend of brother gave Athena 2 packs of stick-on nails. I turned the 2 girls into an ... Ah hiao charbor

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