Sunday, June 14, 2009


She did another 4 more papers for me today, out of 2 she scored above 95%, the other two were between 86%-90%. I was very pleased with her coz' she managed to solve alot of trick questions. Hubby decided to reward her.

That girl asked to go Suntec, lil' one didn't follow us coz' she had mild-fever 37.7 and didn't seem to have any appetite for food.

Hubby dropped by the IT Fair, while I brought Athena up to the Kids Zone. There was a magic show going on, we watched. I kept nudging that girl to volunteer, but she's shy. Then she noticed that either by going up the stage or answering questions the kids get a bottle of Bubbles. At first she refused to put up her hands to answer, finally when she did - the guy didn't notice her. Sigh.........I wish he'd notice her. I know it's really selfish of me to say this, I mean so many kids around. Of course he can't be noticing my girl. But... a few times when she finally found the courage, she's not selected. I feel so sad for her. I wonder how she feels, I'm too sensitive to ask her just in case she might feel hurt.
When the show ended, the announcer announced about Face Painting on the RS of the stage. That girl was so enthusiastic and ran. I've never seen her so excited, normally she's so afraid.

This is my happy girl today!

Hubby came looking for us, holding a GPS. He has good sense of directions, the wife can navigate well... wonder why he bought it. Maybe he tried GPS for the first time during our recent trip and liked the idea?
I'm so impressed with this, it has audio prompts. And it's really cool.......just the way I'd prompt him. It shows the ERP gantries; food centres; petrol kiosks; even MacDonalds!!! The only setback? It didn't have our address! I keyed in Punggol Central, brought me to a blank screen. I can only get the nearest block opposite our cluster of flats.

After some time, we used our APS - Athena Positioning System. Wah.......her instructions' really funny, cannot rely on her.


The Chengs said...

Wow, your girl so kuai kuai do papers during holidays, ah?!

Lily Ann said...

Yep! She'll do and then I let her play...
On the whole she can be very guai if she choose to be

Shannon's Mummy said...

Woah.. her face painting is nice but too little smile on her face:P

Lily Ann said...

The mother was crazy in public to speak so loudly "look here, look here, smile, smile." Think she was paiseh...