Thursday, June 18, 2009


Should have thought of this earlier -
MY SHOP. Got this idea from R's class. I used to give her rewards too but the rewards were things like fries; bubble tea; and if she hit certain number I'll get her a toy etc.. This time round, I decided to be a little more generous by giving more value things and at a shorter interval. Then she's even motivated to work even harder. These days accumulating more stickers for me or rather for herself. Mummy's pleased!the result-siao mother.

R's class
Want to stop Ari's homebased class but a little not willing to too. Ari looks forward to every lesson, hops as she walks to the class from home to car to R's place. She don't do that any other day.

To sum it up why I have this perplexing issue with this.
1) I'm exhausted, I need to free one more day for Athena. Currently I only have Tuesdays as a full day with the children where I can torture them in the " electric chair study chair"
So I can concentrate more on Athena.
End up less (again) time spent on Aricia

2) I feel so bad that I don't have much time to do more with Aricia, such that I have to 'outsource' her Shichida's and R's homeworks to KZ. Certain days I do sit down with her but I don't spend that much time, the same amount of time I spent with Athena, with her. Guilty. I have tons of books stocked up for Aricia which I need to finish and I definitely don't want to outsource to KZ. But then I feel that I'm shortchanging Aricia for more knowledge (with her attending R's class, I can skip certain topics which is covered and concentrate on others but... at the expense of me rushing for time every Mondays)

Have to outsource
As I spoke to R, explaining to her that I'm caught in between. She mentioned that with 2 kids it's difficult to give the same 100% as we did with the older kid, she outsourced her younger 3rd son to the helper too. At that time, I felt some consolation that I'm not alone. But after some time I thought - she has 3 kids whereas I have 2. If I cannot cope with 2, then I must be really useless lor... And I don't even have any excuse! At least R's running a school, she's working whereas I'm not and I should have the time!! Also .... if I can't spare the time for my kids then why should I have kids??
Would you 'outsource'? What's your take on this??


Finally rid of the roaches problem in my car. I don't allow the children to eat in the car now. Consolation is I realised that although with my children eating in the car and my 3x a week thorough interior cleaning, the roaches didn't come into my car coz' of the first reason. But...I think I had been parking directly downstairs at the block in mom's place during those days when I had to go over to do printing. Main chute = roaches = crawl into my car. Whatever it is, NO EATING!!

For Scrapbooking lovers
Woah ho!
Check this out!! nice. I wanna buy (Impulse buy! coz' I don't scrapbook and may end up in the cupboard more often) Price is one factor, another factor is I never dare to shop anything electronic online. I think about how those guys throw our bags in the cargo hold .. Freight maybe not so but still... I love cutesy things.

Speaking about cute, I saw these items in ToysRUs. Can't resist temptation but .... I already have tons of bento equipments and so many cookie cutters........
I can't seem to load the pictures fully so provided a link here :-
Item 1
Item 2
Saw this in Kiddy Palace
Item 3
All these items are cheap compared to the online purchases I made for my stuffs, plus you don't have to wait for freight delivery.

16th June - Vitagen Jelly
I am never an adventurous person where I'll try to do something on my own without a recipe. Somehow I had the inspiration to try out something new, perhaps something not done before (??)
I have to junk the first batch of jellies which were too hard, so I tweaked the amount again.
This is the second batch, it's soft and nice but perhaps too soft to hold the mold shape. I will try again.

Thank goodness I have my 2 greedy girls as my avid supporters, giving me the thumbs up! Hee!

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