Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Meow Meow to you....

Athena requested for a Hello Kitty cake from me.

Baked the cake on Wednesday night *yawn*, cut and crumbcoat. (goash! I'm still so bad with crumbcoating. I've got a freckled-face Kitty.)

Thursday : (Shichida's term break, so I have free time in the afternoon. Skipped Aricia's home practice) - added another layer of buttercream which are the extras from our last week's bake session. Piped outline and ... so lazy to use and wash (though I leave the washing to KZ) another piping tip and coupler, I use butter knife to spread the nose and ribbon colours. Can't seem to get the nice smooth-looking top layer the pros do. Is it skill or patience one need?

Photos :

Preparations in the way

Wow.. I'm so impressed with myself. Let's hope my cake ends up with this shape

Thursday - rushed through work coz' I forgot Athena has Berries class. Finally all coloured and *pai-pai pi gu and rush out of the house*
I couldn't find licorice to make the whiskers (anyway it tastes horrible), so I used Pocky sticks instead. I finished the rest of the pack in the night *fat*
Thursday night : I think everyone's getting a little bored. Baking every month, we get tired of singing the birthday song month after month. Neighbours might think we're mad. Honestly, I wonder if I can continue with this a few months to come.
But Athena thinks otherwise, she's happy when she's the star of the night

Happy 6 years 7 months old, Athena!


teni said...


btw, i think i saw u at PP mac 2 days in a row this week. best thing was i was standing beside u on day 2 n u didnt even realise it haha!!! i couldnt confirm it was u thats why never say hi


Lily Ann said...

U should have called me.
Yes, fattening week with Mcs BF with Athena before I start running errands.

M said...

wah HK cake! Ur Athena's expression is priceless!