Thursday, June 11, 2009


I really have no idea what happened to my lil' one.

She's fiercer and getting naughtier now, she pinches/hits her sister for no reason, she shouts loudly at her sister. And when the moment I pull her aside, haven't even started scolding her yet - she started to wail out loud. And highly drama too, her tears well up very fast.
Looks like I gotta use the 5 mins suggestion method soon.

That aside, I was pleasantly surprised
when on Tuesday I had to ask her to sit on the seat (without her carseat, forgot to move back to my car) she listened to me and sat still. Think she was really tired.. she dozed off in the car. See how she looks. So cute, I feel like pinching her cheeks.
In the evening, she was throwing tantrum -wanting to eat biscuits. Ignored her and then it was all quiet >> saw her in a funny position.

Knows what she wants
This girl knows what she wants and FIGHTS FOR IT!!!
She can even tell me what she wants to wear, which shoes (speaking of which, she kicked her fake Croc shoe off - RS @ CompassPoint and now we can't find it) to wear and >> how to tie her hair!! Can you beat that? I don't remember Athena telling me what she wants at this 2+ age.

This is what she calls her "Baa Baa Black Sheep" hairstyle. Hee!adult smileys LOL. That girl ah.........Beyond her age
I've never seen a kid doing this before.
My lil' one is very mischievous. She can deliberately make a person confuse by saying she wants this and then that, and then switch back again. And then she can give you that sheepish grin.... you know she's up to her tricks again.
And another thing, she learnt is to cover her ears when she choose not to listen to what you say. Selective listening! Must be the mother's constant nagging lor.........that's why she's doing that?!

Her pronunciation is still eating into me, very jialat but she's expanding her vocabulary. Can tell me "mummy, enough or-ready (already)" or "mummy, too muchh"

Able to recognise more words. Yay! My hard work pays off!! But don't talk about Chinese. That angmoh kia ..... sound really funny. And she gets so confuse when I ask her about the parts of her body in Chinese. Oh my! That explains why I'm so bloody happy when she can recognise the word "mother", "father" in chinese.

Another time, we took out her plaits and she went "..wah...Princess Belle", she remembers Princess Belle has nice curly hair. That girl is so chor-lor how to be a Princess??

Can you hear me?
She's got a very bad habit, or perhaps she's trying hard to get attention. She always like to interrupt us when we're talking. She shouts to get your attention, you ignore her, she walks up to you and puts two hands on your cheeks and turn your face to her. And it's not like we can't hear her, she's got a very sharp voice.. when she gets angry she shouts into your face. Wah......deaf liao......
At one of our dinner in Ipoh with the group, the adults were talking and that girl was yakking. We ignored her, the other people were probably too engrossed in our conversation and didn't notice her. She was sitting next to me and while talking, I kept hearing her sharp shrill voice. Then she gets louder and louder. We talk; she talk. Until I cannot take it, told them that she's waiting for her turn to talk. One guy asked her "okay Princess, now you talk." She started yabbing about the stars; the moon; the clouds and pointing to the dark sky. Haha!

I'm really exhausted taking care of her......she keeps me on my toes. Too active already! But she entertains me too!! Love her loads. Smuack!!


The Chengs said...

My no.3 is like that. He likes to say he wants this and then no, he wants that, trying to play around with us. I have no time or mood for games, man!

Lily Ann said...

At first we were aggitated, then she started giggling. found it amusing since!

The Chengs said...

i don't find it amusing at all! Not when the kid is 10yo!

Lily Ann said...

Yes, can understand. Older should be more mature. I'll find her cute now, next time sure flare up