Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday was her last class in R's, a bit reluctant to withdraw her out but........I need the extra time for Athena (and hopefully to be able to make up to Aricia by spending more time with her too!)

Of all days we need to be late, it has to be TODAY!! All thanks to che-che who kept delaying time. Throw a big fuss wanting to tie her hair without blowdrying her hair, already going to be late, then say want to go; dowan to go; want to go; dowan to go. Buay tahan! In the end, left without her. And mei-mei missed her favourite opening song. Duh!

The value they learnt this term is on Obedience and R cited example of her being obedient and disobedient in her baking. Let the children try both, the 'disobedient cookies' were extremely saltish. But Aricia love it. Nodded her head said it's nice, thought she's being diplomatic. After some time, I feel she's greedy instead not diplomatic. Hee!

The kids are expected to recite the whole MT today and get their rewards from the Shop. I showed Aricia a lion cup (she adores lion, remember?) and she nodded her head in approval. She waited for her turn, so obedient.
It's not really her turn yet, S hasn't turned her head to look at her and my girl stood up & started reciting loudly.. and then her voice trailed off softer and softer until I can't hear her. She knows but the words can be too mouthful for a child her age, so she mumbles in her own way shortcut to alot of names. Once everything's completed, she walks happily to take her lion cup which she was eyeing all the time & made sure nobody takes it.
Photos are here (shucks!I've used up the max quota for photos in blogger, now have to subscribe to more storage space. Duh!)

She's very pleased with herself , I'm happy too that che-che was not here coz' she'd choose what she wants. The first term she chose what she wanted, not for the mei-mei. Aricia kept holding on her cup so dearly. Back home, she ran back to show KZ her proud cup, she'll wait for daddy to return back the next day before she can show it to him. Meanwhile, she pulled her lion toy by the head and shove the face into the cup saying "see lion , lion."

And this morning, on her way out to school. She ran back to grab the cup. Haha! She kept insisting she had to bring the cup, managed to convince her not to bring in to school only after some time.

Poor thing
Last evening my lil' cried buckets. She was in tremendous pain. She didn't poo since Sunday and she had already forewarned us about her "I stomach pain, I wan to poo-poo", cry but nothing came out (and when she poos, she refuses to sit on toilet seat or potty but prefer to stand and grab hold of the wall/sofa and gives that funny expression).
Didn't realise that her stools were really so hard that she was screaming in pain. She kept asking me to wash her buttocks but didn't want to stand while I remove her diapers, hugged me for her dear life. Then refused to let me touch her buttocks, one finger touch and she screams. How to wash? I asked for KZ's help to carry her while I wash then I saw the poo sticking out (she just can't expel it out). I tried to remove it for her, she screamed in pain. Sat her in a comforting position on the basin and tried again. Screamed and oh my! her anus was expanded so big that I was so prepared to rush her out of the house and run to the clinic opposite and shove her backside to the doctor's face. Real scary!
KZ suggested putting soap inside so that her poo will slip out and the soap will be expelled out. But no way are we going to try to shove things up her ass when we're not experts. So worried it might tear.
Subsequently, she poo-ed another time. Another screaming fits (like child labour without the anesthesia) from her, tried extracting it for her and tell you that girl ah.......small but very strong. Her kick almost killed me, she didn't want me close to her at all coz' the mummy is doing all the bad things.

Managed to talk to her after that and she finally allowed me to touch her, put oil around her anus. Poor girl!

Despite all these noise, that che-che was still so sound asleep.. ZZzzzzzzzzz
Unposted photos
Crazy mother is a bad influence to the children. I put the stick on manicures for Aricia. That girl remembered how I kept asking her sister to pose for me; posed for me.

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